I can haz new stuff?

glasswareWhy not? I don’t think it’s written in stone that the china and glassware you bought in your youth needs to stick around forever. The Commander switched it up at some point. Her old Russell Wright collection was dwindling and she bought some new stuff and Lizard Breath has it now. I bought Dansk open stock china when I was young. Blue and white mix and match. It’s beautiful. It will match my new chitchen (even though it’ll be in a cupboard). But somehow I think I might switch it up. If I can find something I like better.

We’ll talk about china some other time. Right now, I’m thinking about glassware. Here are a couple specimens of my glassware (with a sneaky little Le Creuset crock behind them, same color as my backsplash will be). I bought this glassware open stock at Kitchen Port back in the day. Oh, how I miss Kitchen Port. I miss Workbench too. Can I just time-travel back a few years? Just long enough to snag a new couch (or two or three)? But I digress. I loved this rustic-style glassware (I think it’s Mexican) way back then and I still do but some of it is starting to discolor and I’m wondering if it’s time for a change.

But change to what? I’m thinking cobalt blue. You know I like color, roight? My first thought is something contemporary but not too, well, what? Smooth? I like the irregularities in the glassware I own now. I like these Bormioli Rocco glasses a lot (yes, I know they aren’t cobalt blue). I like the irregular looking shape and the neon colors. I’m not sure they would be exactly right though and not sure the GG would want to live with them and I do care about that. These Artland Glassware glasses might be a bit closer to fitting the bill. I like the irregularity of the bubbles in the glass. I don’t exactly like “precision” glassware very well, where every glass is identical. Or I could go the eBay route and look for vintage cobalt glass. That could work. Even though some of it might be “precision” glassware, you know, where every glass is identical…

We’ll see what I do. I am a MASTER at creating rules for myself and then FLAGRANTLY breaking them!

5 Responses to “I can haz new stuff?”

  1. isa Says:

    I love having my grandma’s stuff 🙂 🙂 <3 <3

  2. Margaret Says:

    I love the color of the Artland stuff. Beautiful. I have a bunch of mismatched glassware and then some of my MIL’s sort of cut glass ones that I pull out for company. I can be found drinking out of the faucet at times when I’m here by myself. 🙂

  3. Sam Says:

    I remember when those glasses were new(ish)! Yes, made in Mexico; today’s are probably copies from…China? or maybe Mexico! And, yes, I miss the local kitchen stores that assembled a nice collection of items by different manufacturers and vendors to a “nice” aesthetic (one or two buyers, I imagine), instead of these chain stores that have everything to a corporate taste (e.g. Pottery Barn). Sigh. You had a chance of finding something exciting in the local store that I don’t find at the chain places. Or maybe it’s just me.

  4. elizabeth carter Says:

    I have always loved your blue bubble glasses, I vote for you to keep them. A beverage is just not as enjoyable as it should be unless its in the glass it is supposed to be in , the one that you. are familiar with. This law does not change. as the years go by. Amen.

  5. UU Says:

    I remember when you got four or six of those blue bubble glasses. I was next to you in line and bought (I think) four more for you for Christmas.