If I order some new YakTrax, dooya think it’ll stop snowing someday?

elsnowI actually did order a couple pairs of YakTrax today. I am currently on my third pair for the winter or polar vortex or whatever. That’s not three NEW pairs, mind you. I began the PV with whatever I was using at the end of last winter. With luck, my current pair will last until the bitter end and I’ll be able to stash the new ones away until next year. Always be prepared. Someone (I won’t say who) once kvetched a bit about how YakTrax shouldn’t be considered consumables. I say better to consume YakTrax than bones and/or brain tissue. I want to think that my rash act of ordering new YakTrax at the end (?) of the season will prompt warm, loverly weather but given the 10-day forecast, I don’t hold out much hope.

By the way, did you know that we are up to winter storm #Titan now? #Titan didn’t hit us very hard here on the Ice Road Asteroid. As irritated as I was about our snow drive back from East Lansing the other night, it was really business as usual for these parts. I am losing track of which of those storms hit us here on Ice Road Asteroid. #Cleon and #Dion and #Ion and I fergit what else. Also, the last named winter storm? #Zephyr? Really? Gentle breeze? Will we make it to Z? I think somebody has a pretty good sense of humor. Then again, my Mouse was born on April 24 and I have more than one photooo of her standing in a snow squall on her birthday.

Today’s photooo? Saturday morning from our sixth floor room at the Marriott on M.A.C. Ave. in East Lansing. I am still feeling time-warpy about my walks through East Lansing over the weekend. A very hard time in my life despite great success as a flute player there. I didn’t end up pursuing a music career and don’t even play any more (long complicated thoughts about that) but I know that the creativity and persistence and attention to detail (and the ability to walk just a wee bit over on the wild side) that brought me success at playing the flute (and “puano”) and analyzing complex classical music compositions are directly responsible for my success at both of my info-tech systems analyst careers. (Education “reformers”, take a note!)

Nevertheless, I am a Successful Failure, as my parents always called themselves — and then laughed uproariously — because that’s what people in the Fin Fam do. Successful Failure? Google it if you want. There are various explanations out there. Mine is too long, so I’ll leave it for another day. Whatever my parents said, they were NOT failures in any sense of the word. I’d like to think that I’m not either but sometimes it can be an uphill climb.

One Response to “If I order some new YakTrax, dooya think it’ll stop snowing someday?”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I’m a successful failure as well. Content to stay in the same job for 34 years, with a lot of built up security because of that. MORE SNOW? It’s March for crying out loud. We’re having torrential rains here(passes have been closed on and off) but that’s normal for us.