Things I won’t miss about my Fugly Kitchen #4

I was scouting about for another topic to post about in this series and then I remembered [rumble-de-thump] the lazy susans! The ones in these corner cabinets.


The lazy susans that do not have RIMS on them! Why why why why! (Also, why have I been living with them for more years than I am strong enough to count?) Here is the upper lazy susan. Note the mango jam from Suze in Fla! She is a *master* at gardening!


The upper cabinet is one of several rodent turd depositories here at The Landfill. The lower cabinet doesn’t get shat in but it is where rumble-de-thump happens.


Rumble-de-thump? That happens when the shelves are overloaded and when you spin the lazy susan looking for water chestnuts, things fall off the shelves, usually back in the nether reaches of the cabinet. As you might be able to tell, it’s not all that easy to reach your arm back into those nether reaches because the REFRIGERATOR is right there.

I am not against lazy susans. I just think they need to have rims. Roight? In the New Chitchen, the refrigerator will move and I will not have any damn corner cabinets.

One Response to “Things I won’t miss about my Fugly Kitchen #4”

  1. Margaret Says:

    You will undoubtedly wonder why you put up with this as long as you did, especially after reading back over these posts!!