Shop until you drop

pier1Am I turning into a shopper [again] or am I just drunk on sunshine? I was a shopping fiend for most of the first, oh, I dunno, maybe 50 years of my life? I was trained well by none other than The Commander, whose childhood career was in retail. She knew how to shop. She knew every store in Sault Ste. Siberia. When we couldn’t get good quality “stuff” on the American side, we headed over to the [larger and arguably more cultured] Canadian side. We traveled to Detroit a couple times a year to buy clothes and stuff at the downtown Hudson’s and we made loverly summer day trips to Petoskey with Radical Betty. Oh, how I miss those trips. And make no mistake, Petoskey is not some backwater “Up North” hick town. Plenty of wealthy folks have vacation homes in that gorgeous area and they do shop. Sak’s Fifth Avenue anyone?

I have spent the last decade in a serious flinging mode, be it somewhat off and on. Shopping became a chore and than kind of repugnant. I don’t need any more STUFF. I want to simplify my life.

Nevertheless, today I was restless and I took off during the lunch “hour”. I went to Whole Foods for a couple of groceries and then, as I was driving out of the parking lot, I spotted a Pier 1 Imports! I think I remember hearing that a new one was opening but I hadn’t seen it because I do not shop.

I shopped today. I did not buy. If you are one of my five regular readers, you know that I am rethinking my china and glassware. This wall of glassware was in Pier 1. If you look over there on the right, you will see the glasses that I blahgged about a few days ago.

I was reconsidering getting rid of those. Did you see the UU’s comment on that post? The UU did buy me a couple of those glasses. We were at Kitchen Port and I asked him who he was buying those for. His reply was, “My sister-in-law.” I racked my brain trying to think which sister-in-law he was talking about. *I* was not his sister-in-law at the time, just his identical twin’s (sometimes high-maintenance) girlfriend. I didn’t know it that day but I did become his sister-in-law and I have enjoyed that relationship with the UU and his beautiful wife for many years now. He bought those glasses for meeee.

I think I will keep those glasses for now, at least the ones that aren’t discoloring. Maybe I will assess my collection and add to it — carefully. Maybe someday, I will have a grandchild who will want my cool old Mexican glass collection. And that was NOT a hint!!!! Just a note that sometimes taste in decor seems to skip generations and I’m very happy that I was able to unload quite a bit of The Commander’s stuff on her grandchildren and so I didn’t have to donate ALL of her stuff to various organizations. Although I am happy to think that some of her stuff may now be useful to people who can’t just go out and buy a couch or whatever whenever they want to. I remember when buying a goddamn couch was a major financial decision.

2 Responses to “Shop until you drop”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I have my MIL’s glasses and they are special to me. Both girls, especially Ashley, took a lot of their grandmother’s stuff. Ashley wears some of her jewelry, which is very cool. Flinging is great, but I flung a lot of Patt’s clothes because it was too painful to deal with them…and now I wish I hadn’t.

  2. jane Says:

    I think you should swing by Treasure Mart and see what interesting glassware and china they might have. maybe you’ll find a treasure, or maybe not. 😉 and maybe you’ll take some of your old stuff there to sell.