bopOh, not really bleeeeeeeg but can we just say that I did not get drunk on sunshine today? The skies were not cloudy all day and the temperature hovered on or just above the freezing mark. Snow was melting but there were areas of barely perceptible slush, which meant that depending on where you were trying to walk, you were never quite sure whether it was slippery or not.

I somehow managed to hike down to Kerrytown to meet up with Mouse. Actually it was pretty okay after I navigated my street and this end of the schoolyard — total ice. I was even able to take my YakTrax off although there were some challenging spots, which made me glad I had my REI hiking pole. At one point, I was walking down Miller — in the street — and a cute little hybrid Civic passed me and somebody yelled, “Hey KW!” It was W1.5! I gleefully saluted him with my pole! His wife is a regular on my Skunk Walk but after wrenching her knee by slipping on ice (*in* YakTrax, it’s that bad this year) she has temporarily changed her walking venue to the track over at Sky High. I continue to try to pick my way through the ice.

Mouse and I perused the offerings at Treasure Mart, then hit the farmer’s market (I bought potatoes, onions, and greens), then we had an early-ish bop (bibimbap) lunch at Kosmo, where we didn’t exactly get what we (aka Mouse) ordered but it was good anyway. Note to self: make bop at home. You can do it! You know you can.

I saw lots of interesting stuff at Treasure Mart and if only I weren’t trying to de-hoard… At one point, I probably embarrassed my mouse by telling a store employee that a certain artifact would probably fit into my hillbilly trailer. Politically incorrect? Yeah probably. The response from the store employee was something like, “You have a hillbilly trailer?” As weirdly as I was dressed today, I probably looked more like one o’ them thar Ann Arbor hippies liberals than a hillbilly. But yes, we do have a hillbilly-looking trailer and it has been useful so many times over the years and I sometimes think I am more hillbilly than what The Commander brought me up to be but that would be a whole ‘nother blahg entry and I don’t have the words for it tonight. In the end, we didn’t buy anything at Treasure Mart, not even the wooden shore bird.

Can you believe that I saw W1.5 in his cute little hybrid Civic a second time today? I was on my way back from the Plum Market this afternoon and there he was making a left turn onto N. Maple. He did not hail me that time. We were both dealing with complicated traffic situations.

One Response to “Bleeeeeeeeg”

  1. Margaret Says:

    You are eclectic more than hillbilly. 🙂 Be careful on that ice though! You are like me; you would go crazy if you couldn’t get out and walk(in my case run or be active) What is bop?