Landfill Dungeon UNFO

ironclockBack online after yesterday’s successful server move! Thanks JCB! And this is what I wrote:

This artifact has been hanging out on top of one of the yaffa blocks in the Landfill Dungeon for months. It’s cute, isn’t it? Occasionally I have gotten to wondering what it is, exactly. It looks like an iron, right? It has a most interesting lucky-shuckial plug. I found myself wondering something like, is this something that plugs into the outlets in Senegal?

Today, Lizard Breath came over to have lunch, dump off some recycling, and do laundry. We were talking about the stuffed aminals in the dungeon and Liz went down there to throw laundry in and take a look around and found the “iron”. She recognized that it does not have a lucky-shuckial plug at all. Well, not exactly. It plugs into an iPhone! Of course this artifact had to get Instagrammed and that activity got an instant reply: “It’s an alarm clock!” (And also, “Why are you looking through my stuff?”) Apparently this cute little artifact doesn’t work very well in terms of its intended purpose but maybe I’ll find a little spot for it in the new Landfill Chitchen. If its owner doesn’t want it.

I dunno, we HAVE to get rid of most of the stuffed aminals but they are so real to some of us that I don’t think any of us have the strength to just throw them in a bag and donate them. My latest brainstorm is to host a driveway adoption event. Kind of like a garage sale thing except it’ll be limited to stuffties and we will NOT be selling them. We’ll see though. In any case, we cannot host any kind of driveway event until the goddamn piles of snow and sheets of ice go away!

It was 16 degrees this morning and although I did a truncated version of my Skunk Walk, the ice was intermittently treacherous and after I got home, I kind of felt like a shut-in for a while there. I am too young to be a damn shut-in. I felt a little better after Liz and I navigated the ice walking to the Plum Market and she actually borrowed my REI hiking pole a couple times. If a 20-something is struggling with this shit, it’s not just me.

And yes, I am happy to take recycling from Liz’s apartment in Detroit. People do recycle in Detroit but the recycling system there is nowhere near as evolved as what we have here on The Planet Ann Arbor, which I won’t describe but it involves a weekly truck with a big mechanical arm. I am the Queen of Recycling. I schlep stuff down from the yooperland and the Group Home and I am probably as annoying as all getout to others who share those spaces with me. I’m sure it’s a culture shock to move from someplace like San Francisco, where recycling is even more evolved than it is here on the planet, to Detroit, where streetlights are a luxury in some neighborhoods.

And laundry? Bring it! Make no mistake, the beach urchins have been doing their own laundry since about middle school. If ya wanna getcher laundry done right, don’t let mooom do it. Moom is all about doing it fast… She might look out for stuff that *she* wants to be specially processed but not necessarily *your* stuff. I LOVE when my kids bring laundry home. I have even been known to finish a load of aprons from Mouse’s work. Mouse’s boss was apparently amazed that I FOLDED them. I am me and I fold laundry.

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