In which I can actually walk out my front door without falling on my butt

snowmeltOr my head, which would be a lot worse. For about the last week, getting out the front door involved careful mincing little steps (even with YakTrax), a hiking pole and / or hanging on to the recycle cart for Dear Life (just off to the right, out of sight). Our driveway is a mess from the get-go but there is a tricky little micro-climate just off the front step where the sun don’t shine — ever — that defies all attempts at de-icing. I’m sure the postman hates us and I totally understand his pain. I salted the hell out of it yesterday, maybe you can see a few salt crystals if you embiggen the photooo. That made it marginally less slippery but didn’t get rid of the ice. An afternoon of 50 degree temps did the trick. For the moment. Six inches of snow Tuesday night through Wednesday night? Yeaachh.

So, the one or two of my five readers who don’t use facebook may have been wondering about my whereabouts yesterday. It was a server move, always exciting. Or not. Can I just say that I have the best Web Guy on the face of the planet? No, it is not the GG although he has some good credibility as a tech guru. My Own Personal Blahg Guru hosts me and a bunch of other Ragtag Renegades (something like that). He proactively moves us if a host implodes, updates WordPress for us when necessary, and any number of other tasks that I don’t think I even want to know about. And he answers stupid questions from people who should know better…

When you move to a new server, it takes Them Thar Tubes a little while to catch up. Mind you, it takes a lot less time nowadays than it did back when I dragged YAG onto the web but there can be a few little bumps in the road. Email settings are typically my nemesis and so they were this go ’round. I’ll spare you the gory details but, after contacting The Guru a couple of times yesterday, I had email working perfectly on both my iPhone and my MacBook Pro. Until about noon today, when my phone stopped retrieving email and started spitting out error messages. In a panic (oh, not really a panic), I texted The Guru. Actually, I think I texted his SO who doubles as my BFF. He said something like, “Maybe you have hit a cell tower that hasn’t propagated the DNS data yet.” Duh. Why didn’t I think of that? There is no wifi in my cube farm (online banking, don’tcha know) and we all rely on the cell network to manage our personal email and check facebook and look up p0rn cat pictures and stuff. I often find myself switching between the LTE and 4G networks in that location, I just usually get that spinning thing, not error messages. Today, I switched cell networks and all my damn spam came flowing in. Happy days are here again.

Just want to make it clear that it is not The Guru’s fault that I get so much email spam. I believe it is an artifact of having the same email address since back in the Wild Wild West days of Them Thar Tubes.

Cheers to The Guru and Sam of Archaeofacts!

One Response to “In which I can actually walk out my front door without falling on my butt”

  1. Sam Says:

    Awww. Hopefully this server will be stable stable stable. For quite some time. The old ways are behind us!