Useful things to do with an iPhone camera #178332.3089

mandarinsI took this photo at the Plum Market this afternoon because I knew with absolute certainty that if I happened to get a cashier who didn’t know what kind of orange-type produce these were, I would NOT remember “Stem and Leaf Tango Mandarin”. These babies are really really good but there are about a billion other really really good varieties of mandarin oranges or whatever at the Plum Market at this time of year and I cannot sort them out, except that these are the only ones that are sold with stems and leaves still attached. My cashier today either knew what they were or guessed. In any case, he didn’t ask me. If he had, I’d’ve been prepared. With my photoooo.

I didn’t really need anything from the Plum Market this afternoon. I could have cobbled together a perfectly acceptable enhanced leftover dinner from whatever is in the Landfill Refrigimatator. Why did I walk over there? Because it was 52 degrees this afternoon and enough ice has melted that I COULD walk over there in my Keen sandals WITHOUT YakTrax and WITHOUT fear of slipping on ice. I had one rather ugly mudpuddle to navigate, which I did by waiting for traffic to clear on the North Maple Raceway and RUNNING at the edge of the road for 10 yards or so. Other than that, it was smooth sailing. Weather forecast for tonight through tomorrow night? Nine inches of snow? Yes. And then dropping down to around zero for Thursday morning. Am I happy about this? Noooooo, I am not! Am I ready for this? Yesssssss, I am.

I know you are tired of hearing anything more about the Neverending Winter here in the god-forsaken Great Lake State. It was only two years ago that we were having temperatures in the 80s for days on end. In March. All the trees blossomed [way too early] and somewhere around this date, the Dexter Tornado rolled through. Dexter is six or seven miles to the west of The Landfill. Nothing like that this year. Weather here is a mixed bag.

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  1. jane Says:

    just did the drive to work. definitely icy on the roads, under the snow. and I got particularly wet from snow while cleaning off my car. Bill’s Beer Garden may be open on Friday!!