I have no words…


First photooo… This morning, 0-skunk-30. I was actually happy about this. There was enough snow that I could walk (in boots and YakTrax) and not think (too much) about ice. If I had been wearing mascara, I’d’ve looked like a raccoon by the time I got home. I was not wearing mascara. I usually wear mascara. I do not wear it on my Skunk Walk. Nobody is around to notice what I have on my beauteous face. I do put it on before I head over to Cubeland. I don’t think people much notice it over there either. We are all nerds. I was soggily snow-covered when I got home from my Skunk Walk.

Yes, I telecommuted today. Were you thinking otherwise? I woke up the GG with, “Take the Frog Hopper”, took my walk and settled into my fav-o-rite work spot, aka Sittin’ on the Green Couch Watchin’ All the Dogz Go By. There are people who NEED to be AT work weather be damned. I am not one of them. As I have prob’ly said about a billion times before, in my industry it’s actually important for people to be able to work remotely in the event of disaster. We provide an essential service but it doesn’t require most of us to meet with people face to face. So I figger why add my slippery little vee-hickle into the mix. Fewer vee-hickles on the road means (theoretically) fewer accidents and that means less business for the po-leese and EMTs, etc. Stay home and make sure the VPN still works. And watch the dogz go by. And shovel.


Shovel? Say what? I waited until my lunch hour to shovel. My Skunk Walk clothing was warm and dry by then so I bundled up and I was good to go. But what to do with all the fricking snow? I do not own a snowblower. Maybe I will buy one when I am 75 like my old coot finally did. We have his old snowblower at the Group Home @ Houghton Lake. It is a big yooper snowblower, not the wimpy things my neighbors have. The Courtois Boyz love using it. Fun times. I shovel by hand. It was not the easiest job today because this snow was deep and heavy and I was running out of places to throw it that were below shoulder level. It was a good workout. That’s all I can say. Except maybe all of these fancy workout gyms could develop a snow-shoveling machine? It could go right next to the elliptical machine.

I don’t really have any more words.

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