Pop Quiz — Name That House!

baileyHint: I lived there one summer back in the Pleistocene or whenever.

Lemme see…

Walking to Campus Corner (?) to cash yet another $20 check. (And buy beer.)

The night that MJ and I were in our beds at the back of that house and woke to someone coming into our SECOND FLOOR window at that batscope hour of the night (which in those days was not too far away from bedtime). That person said something like “shit” and MJ said, “Oh it’s just Bear.” A guy we knew. Not a boyfriend of either of us but not any kind of a threat either. (Come to think of it, I have no recollection of what Bear’s real name was!)

The night Amy rode her bike back from her restaurant job (at that batscope hour) and got chased by a predator and ended up throwing her bike over the fence and somehow running to the safety of the house. (I may be misremembering this.)

Taking a psychology class (101) (why? I do not remember or even want to) and finding it a lot like watching paint dry. I actually think I got a B in that class. I was not happy. I am not happy when I do not get an A in any class. But I hated that class and I didn’t really work very hard. But oh well.

Going on a lunch date with a booooorrring guy in whatever music class I was taking that summer. I think we went to the damn union to eat. I ordered yogurt. Why? I do not know. I cannot remember what we talked about but it was about like watching paint dry. (There was another boy that summer. One that I liked but he broke up with me. It devastated me at the time but it’s okay, it was definitely the right thing for me in the long run and I wouldn’t be surprised if he was dead by now but I’ve never googled him or anything and probably won’t. I count three boyfriends in my life. He is not one of them. (I married the third.))

Having a party (at that house) and worrying about whether the floor would cave in with all the dancing and otherwise jumping around.

A couple weeks ago, when we spent a night in East Lansing, I had to walk over to this street and take a picture of this house. I lived there such a short time and I don’t have a lot of specific memories of it, just [mostly] good times. I wonder who lives there now. Is it still a crappy student rental or is there a family there now? Over on the left is an elementary school. Not sure if it is in business or not. I didn’t scrutinize it on that particular trip.

Yeek. I dunno if that summer’s boy is really dead (still haven’t googled him) but MJ definitely is, via her mother’s obit. Such a vibrant person. Sigh. Coral Gables will never be the same.

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  2. Margaret Says:

    Rah–the cleaning of the cache works. I hate thinking about all the fantastic and vibrant people I knew who are now dead. Some of them are about my age too. 🙁

  3. kayak woman Says:

    Welcome back Margaret 🙂