graffitiThis is the kind of answer you might get if you dare to text a question to The King of Cryptic Text Messages. I asked how the walking was. The answer was, “exceleny”. It was 50 degrees so I took off in my Keens. No YakTrax or hiking pole. Exceleny pretty much described 99% of the trek down to the Oscar Tango and back. The other 1% involved navigating the MESS in the back end of the school yard behind my house. Do they not think that people on our side of the neighborhood send children to that school or what? I could not deal with the deep, mucky slush that covered the sidewalk so I potholed my way along the side in the foot-deep but melting snow. The only time I fell tonight — and all winter — was when I walked up the south side of the Landfill Driveway. That slanted piece of pavement where the sun don’t shine had some slipperly snow on it and it finally got me. I didn’t fall hard, just slid down on my butt. But my phone slid out of my hand. No issues there either, thank you Zeus (and iPhone case). Going to the Apple Store was NOT on my agenda this weekend.

Lemme see, I took Latin in high school and I know a few computer languages pretty fluently. I can *usually* translate whatever language the King of Cryptic Text Messages uses but not always. I may be his accomplice. I am not his identical twin. He does have one of those… I could translate Commander-speak like a champ. Well usually. I had my moments. But I knew (for example) that when she said, “Oh you know, that woman with the two boys”, she meant Mrs. Wilcox and by the way, “the two boys” are around my age. And when she referred to “those things that go by in the street”, she meant motorcycles. This was NOT NOT NOT NOT dementia of any sort. There is a name for it that a wonderful speech pathologist told me last year but I cannot remember it for the life of me. But The Comm’s end-of-life struggle to pull out the right words for the situation frustrated her greatly. Often if I could *not* understand her, she’d go away and think about it, then come back at me later with exactly what she had been trying to say earlier in no uncertain terms.

Oh yeah! Mark and Kami and Jerry(?) are meeting us here Monday morning for a pre-production meeting about the Landfill Chitchen Reno. It’s happening. The big drama? Will Mother Nature allow us to spring the Lyme Lounge from hibernation in time to function as our alternate chitchen for the duration. Stay tuned.

2 Responses to “Exceleny”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Hoping for good weather and no more falling! I can usually figure out what my close family wants to tell me because we communicate in that same language of shared memory.

  2. Sam Says:

    Glad the fall was soft and the fone was fine! (Trying (too hard) to alliterate, clearly!) Looking forward to the new chapters of the Story of the Reno….