Spring break at the beach

skiingOf course we are not at the beach here. We are at the top of a defunct ski hill. Do not ask me about my clumsy downhill runs today on my intermittently snow-covered x-c skis. Suffice it to say that a mixture of snowplow, sidestep and even taking my skis off and walking were employed. Do not ask. Uphills? Piece of cake! The first uphill slodge of the year always just about kills me and then I am okay. But I made it through the “black diamond” area by hook or by crook and then we had a long flat ski along the north branch of the Ausable River. All and all it was a beautiful ski and I kind of don’t care how much of a wimp I was about the downhills.

Meanwhile, at the beach… Our Northern Correspondent posted a loverly little video from the moominbeach on my facebook page today. Except the beach was not visible through the blizzard. And then Jeep and Pan, who live next door (so to speak) from Our Northern Correspondent sent along a loverly little photoooo of the six foot snow drift in their back yard.

Here in Gaylord, the day turned brilliantly sunny. We had loose, tentative plans to head to Petoskey today but The Lord and Lady of Linden drove up for the afternoon and instead we all kind of hung around and sipped whine on and off throughout the afternoon before heading out to Bennethum’s for dinner. It’s been a while since I have been to Petoskey and while I am happy that we didn’t drive up there today, it is on my radar screen for a trip in the not-too-distant future. I think early May would be good. All of the Petoskey shops will be getting geared up for the Tourist Season but there won’t be any actual *tourists* there. It’ll be fun! Wanna come with us?

2 Responses to “Spring break at the beach”

  1. Margaret Says:

    It sounds like a great day and I LOVE sunny skies! We’ve been having more of those here too.

  2. Pooh Says:

    Petosky is fun, even if there are tourists like me around. Last year on the Shoreline West bike ride we stopped there for lunch. After, I found a yarn shop and Mark found a bar with swings! The yarn became a cowl and hat for Jay, and bar with swings became a yarn.