No turquoise backsplashes here

chloeWe arrived in Gaylord this afternoon, dredging our sister-in-law, aka The Beautiful Gay, out of her afternoon bath or shower or whatever. I greeted her with something like, “You are going to hate my backsplash!” I said it with a smile on my face. TBG does not like the color turquoise, at least not as a kitchen backsplash. But TBG respects my color choices and is excited about our chitchen reno nevertheless because it’s all about the long-overdue change and the positive energy behind it. We all like different colors. Love.

That’s Chloe Belle in the photooo. She was really glad to see us. She’s always been a really good doggie but she’s getting to the point where she is old enough to know that the best way to encounter “friendly intruders” [like us] is to ask them to pet her. I love dogs that are socialized like that. My childhood dog Tigger learned to approach strangers walking the beach by walking up to them slowly with a wagging tail and a “smile” on her beautiful old face. Tigger was bouncy in her childhood (hence her name) but was well treated and learned how to deal with people. Chloe is much smaller than Tigger and doesn’t look anything like Tig but she is a darn good doggie.

All we are missing now are the Lord and Lady of Linden who are supposed to be at the Group Home tonight although I don’t see any vee-hickles there…

One Response to “No turquoise backsplashes here”

  1. Margaret Says:

    That is a cute doggie! I love turquoise, but am not sure I would want it as a backsplash. To each our own and I bet it will look wonderful.