No milk today

abstractAnd there probably isn’t any milk, at least not any that’s any good. I sent the GG on a booze & orange juice run yesterday but forgot about milk. I remember the years when I bought at least a couple GALLONS of milk a week. Now it’s a quart, maybe two quarts if we are not out of town for a weekend. I keep Emergency Milk around in the form of shelf-stable tetra paks. I keep mine in the refrigerator though so they are cold if someone needs one. I am not much of a milk drinker myself. I don’t think I am truly a lacktard, just not crazy about dairy in general. I do feta cheese and goat cheese and I do cow cheese if it is melted on something or grated. Chunks or slices of cheddar or whatever are unpalatable to me. I take a tetra pak of chocolate-flavored almond or coconut milk to work every day. I dunno if these kinds of milk are healthier than regular old cow’s milk or not but I like them and I figure they are at least better than pop.

Well, that was a tangent, wasn’t it? A loverly little trip into KW’s [sometimes] picky food preferences. If you are still reading, progress on the Landfill Chitchen was not dramatic today, at least in terms of “Wow, look what they did!” I had to look around for a minute to figure out what was done. Oh! Lucky Shucky! They were running waaaarrrs today. They put some new outlets in. They cut holes for our [three] overhead canister fixtures today. And moved the doorbell. And I fergit what else. So, plenty of work was done, it just didn’t look like much to a baggy old kayak woman’s untrained eye. Definitely nothing worth photographing and posting on the internet. It will be soooo cool to have more outlets. I am so sick of power strips all over the chichen. Although we will not be getting rid of our power strips any time soon. We have other Landfill areas that lack adequate outlets.

We have the Lyme Lounge in the driveway now but it is too FRICKIN’ COLD to open it up for the business of cooking or washing dishes yet (I’m coping). When I looked at the weather on my phone at 0-skunk-30 this morning, it proclaimed MINUS THREE! Just when I was about ready to start banging my head against the dresser, the weather refreshed to, oh I dunno, something like 13 degrees, maybe? I’ll take it! Warmer now but maybe snow tomorrow? Sigh.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    That is still terribly cold for the end of March, isn’t it? We don’t have those temps in the dead of winter, although we did get a patch of extreme cold this year. I love ALL cheeses; I don’t go a day without eating it. Probably going to kill me some day.