Forward motion

cabinetswestWhen I walked in the door this afternoon, I didn’t immediately look at the Landfill Chitchen. I was fumbling with keys and mail and my work laptop and whatever. As I stumbled across the room to dispense with some of that stuff, I thought something like, “Smells like freshly cut wood. Wonder what they did today?” Well. What they did today was install some of the cabinets.

It’s odd how life works sometimes. I have kind of adjusted to the disruption and have been creating little interim “systems” and routines and whatever. So I had mixed feelings about today’s progress. I mean, I love the cabinets and I immediately began to realize that I really, truly *will* have more space to store things, etc. But there was a part of me who was thinking something like, “Yikes! This is moving too fast!” I do NOT know where that is coming from. I am really really excited about this but a part of me is enjoying the camping out aspect of it all. Complex emotions are going on for sure.

Oh yeah. I bought a dishwasher today. I. Bought. A. Dishwasher. Today. I bought a middle-of-the-road Bosch. I had been intrigued with those dishwashers that have two drawers in them so you can just use one of them if you want. I am a hand dish washer and I don’t expect to use my new dishwasher all that much but who knows… I talked myself down off that ledge. In the end, I think that because Gertrude has two ovens I was thinking something like, “I haz two ovens in my stove, I can haz two drawers in my dishwasher too.” Not. Our dishwasher will be fine. I may even use it. Actually I WILL use it at least occasionally because appliances like dishwashers need to be used once in a while.

I will not tell you about today’s expotition to Big George to buy the dishwasher. Except to say that at one point, EVERY dishwasher on the showroom floor was open and all of the drawers were pulled out. That kind of activity is overwhelming to me and makes it hard for me to make choices. It was okay. The sales guy and I gravitated to the Bosch musheens and, with his help, I zeroed in on two and he helped me narrow it to one. The GG is the GG and I may or may not have told our salesperson about that time we bought a new washing musheen there…

4 Responses to “Forward motion”

  1. Tonya Says:

    I don’t mind washing dishes in our camping trailer at Harstine (nor do I have a choice there, but I also don’t mind the activity). But I have noticed over the years that some of the dishes there just don’t get as clean as I thought, for all my attention to the detail. Shadows of non-clean tucked in the plate rims, etc. It surprises me because the water there is uber hot (to the point of having to be very careful!), and yet! So I do like the idea of knowing that a dishwasher cleans better (than I do, apparently!) Also, when it comes to volume of dishes, I really would rather do other things, so I genuinely appreciate a dishwasher. (That said, the latest dishwasher replacement here at our house is a HUGE disappointment. John picked it out on the cheap without my input and it’s a godawful thing with no adjustable racks! Grrrr!) The new Harstine dishwasher will be several grades of improvement, although not top of the line.

  2. jane Says:

    I have friends that built a house several years ago and installed a 2 drawer dish washer – they LOVE it!

  3. Sam Says:

    Soo neat to see the dramatic change the cabinets bring! Trying to figure out where fridge will be (two doors??? haha), but can wait for the ababsurdo photo reveal….

  4. Margaret Says:

    I have white cabinets too! What is a two drawer dishwasher? I have just a top rack and bottom rack. You are talking fancy about dishwashers and way over my head. 😉