Sitting in the Electric Chair

kitchfloorIt’s just a work thing. You guys have work things, roight? So, you are in a conference room with a bunch of people and a few people (meee) have their laptops with them and there’s a projector and there’s a power strip and the people who are sitting across the table from the power strip can’t reach it so it’s up to the person in the Electric Chair to plug and unplug things. So now The Electric Chair is a thing and we’ll have to go through a “Who gets the Electric Chair?” thing every time we have a meeting from here until the end of time.

Like everybody else in Corporate America, we have our own stupid little inside jokes although we are not big on bizness buzzwords in our little backwater office here on the Planet Ann Arbor. We try to be direct and get to the point. But we are humble. I was humbled today when FZ referred to me as someone with high intellectual acuity. Because I regard FZ and W1.5 and The Queen Bee and everyone in that room in the same way. But we were meeting because I didn’t fully understand something that I had to write about so that my audience of developers and QA folks could understand it. We talked through the issues together and I can now write about them in an intelligible way. We are humble because we *do* know a lot but what we know is just enough that we know how much we *don’t* know. Did that make any sense? It did to the folks in that room.

So they put down my hardwood floor today. I love this floor. I almost cannot remember what that crappy old white linoleum floor looked like. Not to mention the baroque red / harvest gold linoleum that preceded it. But wood? Yes. Why not.

The fun bit about today (which I wasn’t around to witness because somebody has to, you know, *work* to *pay* for all of this somehow) was that our Certified Kitchen Lady was spotted in the *next door neighbors’* driveway! Those excellent folks apparently saw Dreammaker’s truck in our driveway and called and next thing you know, CKL is out looking at their bathroom. I hope they like her as much as I do! And then our carpenter called her over to our prodject. Which is going pretty darn well. Small world though!

5 Responses to “Sitting in the Electric Chair”

  1. Sam Says:

    LOVE that floor!

  2. Pooh Says:

    It did look very white in yesterday’s post. Today the wood floor makes it look so much better. Not to mention the touches of color in the accessories — like an orange mud bucket! R U going to take that to the beach to recycle? 😉

  3. UU Says:

    Nice! Can’t wait to see it.

  4. l4827 Says:

    Nor can we.

    A question about those cabinets —

    Are there any martini glasses in them? 🙂

  5. Margaret Says:

    I love it!! It is beautiful and calming. We have hardwood in our large entry and hallway, but decided on vinyl for the kitchen. It looks sort of like stone except for a fraction of the price. 🙂