Where drywall buckets go to die

gertrudeToday was a pretty darn slow day. I am coping with the mess of the chitchen reno pretty well. And by “mess”, I mean all of our displaced cosmic debris. We haven’t had a lot of dirt and dust to cope with, at least not so far. Our carpenter cleans things up.

I was disappointed in myself that I got the bare minimum of Saturday-type chores done today. Laundry including sheets, shower curtains, and bathmat and clean the Blue and Only. We did do some window shopping but didn’t really come up with much and attempts at flinging were not very successful. But I think my slodginess was related to the weather. The temperatures were over 30 but it felt chilly and it was gray all day. The sun is finally making a weak appearance. Oh darn, it went away again.

I was walking by Maria’s house this morning and I suddenly thought something like, “Where the heck has Maria been all winter?” Maria is an early morning runner / dog-walker. We don’t know each other well but she’s an old Haisley mom and a regular on my skunk walk. But then I walked through the schoolyard and there was Maria! Big as Life! Where was she all winter? Can you guess? Alas, a couple of falls on ice took her out for the duration. I didn’t ask for specifics, just commiserated with her about our rough winter. We discussed YakTrax (she did *not* have them but will get them for next year!) and I told her how glad I was to see her.

As you can see, Gertrude has been temporarily repurposed as serving station. She holds a few plates and condiment-type stuff and whatnot and she has been known to serve as a bar. You can’t see the dishwashing pan off to the left. We are coping with cooking mostly by grilling a hunk of protein of some sort and schlepping prepared green and other salads home from The Plum. My quick green lizard gets credit for this strategy. I was wringing my hands (oh not really) last Sunday about how I was going to handle dinner that night. My smart cookie suggested, uh, grilling something and buying prepared salads. Duh. That’s what we did that night and I’ve been doing various versions of that ever since. A bonus has been that I have hardly any dishes to wash.

KBomb and his weather crew are teasing us with sunshine and a high of 50 tomorrow. Will it happen? If it does, I am going to throw my whole damn shambling mound of winter layers into the washing musheen (except for the bomber hat, which probably wouldn’t do well in a washing musheen). Honestly, this stuff has been piled on a chair in the living room all winter. I grab whatever I need for the current weather conditions. It isn’t dirty or stinky but it’s time to clean all of that stuff, even though I’m sure I will need most of it again.

Oh yeah, you Porterization folks, there are NO martini glasses in those new white cupboards yet. Emphasis on the word “yet”.

3 Responses to “Where drywall buckets go to die”

  1. Paulette Says:

    It seemed balmy today with temps reaching to 40 degrees. The sun was shining for most of the day lifting most everyone’s spirits. Spring WILL come and barefooted beach walks will resume. Cannot wait.

  2. Margaret Says:

    OMG-really? We’ve had nearly 70 a couple times already and mostly in the 50s and 60s. Your winter needs to GO AWAY.

  3. l4827 Says: