Bold as Love

snowpathIf you are one of my five regulars, you have probably heard me kvetch about facebook memes before. My own personal rules are that I don’t repost other people’s content and I don’t take quizzes. Well, except when I do. Because I have another rule and that one says I can break my own rules if I want to. I took two facebook quizzes yesterday. That’s how slodgy and bored I was.

I took the color quiz. I got blue. No surprise there. Although I actually like all the colors of the rainbow, preferably in jewel tones, I gravitate toward blue, particularly turquoise / teal. I took the band quiz. What the heck, The Beautiful Sari took it, why not me? She got The Beatles, which was totally appropriate. I got Jimi Hendrix, which cracked me up enormously and was also pretty appropriate because I have always LOVED Jimi Hendrix. I did not take the “mental age” quiz. I could not care less what some random quiz thinks my mental age is. The truth is, my mental age varies constantly. I did not post any of these quiz results on facebook (except that getting Jimi Hendrix cracked me up so much that I had to comment on TBS’s post). I don’t think anybody really gives a damn what color I am or what band I am or whatever.

I did once post the results of a facebook quiz on facebook. It was a “What Band Instrument Are You?” quiz. I had to take that quiz. I got the clarinet. THE CLARINET!!! SAY WHAT!!! I am a flute player. I am good at the flute. I am out of practice now but I was once good enough at the flute to major in it in college. I learned how to play ALL kinds of other band / orchestra instruments along the way. You know, so if somebody else’s kids were unlucky enough to get me for a school music teacher, I would know how to play them. I rocked ALL those instruments!!! Well, almost all. I could do brass and strings and percussion with aplomb. The clarinet? Not so much. Took me a couple weeks to even get a sound outta the damn thing. When I finally did get a sound out of it, our nice, encouraging professor just about cheered. And, you know, once I finally got that initial sound out of the clarinet, I kind of rocked it. Actually, the questions in that band instrument quiz kind of sounded like a 13-year-old girl had written them so it was suspect from the beginning.

Here’s a youtube link to one of my fav-o-rite Jimi Hendrix songs. It’s all about color. Every color in the rainbow and then some, including turquoise. Although maybe turquoise SHOULD be its own color of the rainbow…

P. S. A whole generation of children are lucky that I grew up to be a systems analyst in the online banking biz and NOT a music teacher.

One Response to “Bold as Love”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I love Jimi too and he’s from my area. My favorite song by him is Dolly Dagger; do you know it? I would like to take the music quiz, but the color quiz would probably turn out to be BLUE also. I love blue, in many different shades and forms. Navy, royal, the ocean, the sky, etc.