My own personal glacier

glacierProgress was made on the Landfill Chitchen today but nothing dramatic enough to post a photo so you get this glacier photo instead. This is what my back yard looked like last evening, March 30, 2014. Crappy old rotting piles of snow. We were grilling out because that’s what you do when you can’t use your gertrude. Note to self: cooking a hunk of protein in a PAN on the grill is a bad idea when you do not have access to full-service dishwashing equipment. It was a small roasting chicken and I filled the pan with hot water and dish detergent and let it sit over night. Let us just say, I was NOT a happy camper this morning. Live and learn.

Jerry [the Genius] covered up my beauteous new hardwood floor today. He must’ve known that I christened it last night by dripping the teensiest tinesiest little drop o’ ‘hattan juice on it. Our new dishwasher arrives tomorrow. I think his name will be Bertie. Or maybe Albert? I may change my mind. Our countertops arrive a week later. It seems unlikely that any dramatic visible progress will happen until next week and that’s okay. It’s supposed to be a three-week job and I have been amazed at how fast it has progressed so far.

That glacier? It has receded quite a bit today under sunny skies and 50-something temperatures. Do you know how long we have been waiting for this? Yes, you do, if you are one of my five regulars. Today at work, I experienced a short period of higher than usual anxiety. I calmed myself down by taking a walk. It has been a while since I have taken a walk at work. I will remember this polar vortex winter as challenging and I will remember the treacherous ice during the beginning of the thaw / freeze cycle. But I will also remember the weeks upon weeks that I got up in the morning, layered myself up to the max, and galumphed along in my boots and YakTrax upon packed snow in the dark, looking up at the stars.

That is about all I can muster for today. It’s not much but it’ll have to do. Good night,

One Response to “My own personal glacier”

  1. Margaret Says:

    You WON over winter and with the winter you had, that’s a huge accomplishment! Make sure to figure out what cleans off hardwood the best because you KNOW you’ll spill other stuff on it. Best to be prepared!