Let there be light!

lights1I said yesterday that not enough visible progress occurred on our renovation to bother posting a picture. They built a shelf with puck lights between the cabinets on either side of where the sink will go and put in some outlets. I am thrilled with all of that but it doesn’t make for an exciting visual. But then, the GG flipped a light switch that I didn’t notice and voila! Let there be light! Under-cabinet LED light strips anyone?

I think I have blathered on about this before but I don’t like bright overhead lights. I mean, we *have* them and they *will* be used. But when I am hanging out cooking (or blahgging) in the chitchen, I like a lower level of lighting. In the crappy old Landfill Chitchen, that meant that I had, lemme see, count ’em up KW, no fewer than FOUR fluorescent light sticks under the cabinets. Usually, I would turn on the one above the stove and the regular light fixture above the sink. I don’t think we’ll get rid of those things, they’ll just get repurposed for use in other areas of the Landfill or possibly the Group Home or the Moomincabin. Whatever.

An adjustment to make? When you turn on the new light strips, they *all* go on. That may take some getting used to. It wasn’t something I thought to ask about but I think I will get along with it in the long run. I could turn on my light tubes one at a time. I will definitely NOT miss those stupid curly light bulbs. We were using one of those in the ceiling light fixture and I hated the color of the light, not to mention the fact that it took a goodly amount of time for the light to get to “full” strength. And I don’t think those things last any longer than the incandescent light bulbs we all grew up with. Bah.

What else? I worked from home this afternoon so I could be here when Big George delivered my new dishwasher. Ho hum. A new dishwasher. I’m sure Albert (still trying that out) will be a loverly addition to the New Landfill Chitchen but he isn’t exactly a good visual sitting over there next to Gertrude, still in his protective wrappings. Nobody was here working this afternoon (except me but my work is almost 100% do-able on a laptop) so I guess they are at the point where we are waiting for the countertops. I know that the backsplash tile has been delivered. CKL and I are excited about it! The countertops needed a final measurement. They are quartz and I can understand that.

Anyway, ho-hum. Y’all can go back to watching paint dry now. I’m sure it’s more exciting.

One Response to “Let there be light!”

  1. Margaret Says:

    It’s looking great! I hate those curly light bulbs too; they don’t seem to even last as long as the old kind. Bah indeed.