kwfoolYou saw how the GG was dressed up for Festifools yesterday but you didn’t see how *I* was dressed up. Actually, this is pretty much what I wear to work every day. Of course this isn’t me but I loved this costume. I didn’t see the person’s face. It seemed like a grandparent-type person. Male or female, I dunno. Whatever.

At my work, business casual is nominally decreed but every Friday is Jeans Day and very frequently there are Jeans Weeks. In general, people don’t pay a whole lot of attention to what other people are wearing unless it involves something like color, like “all of the BAs are wearing red today”, or all of QA is wearing purple (but they all look alike other than that). Other than that, if you are not showing a bunch of skin, you are probably good to go. It works because so many of us are old and baggy enough that our main goal in getting dressed is to cover up skin. Well, unless you are talking about Summer Casual. In which it’s okay for people to wear long-ish shorts. Picture cargo shorts, if you will. A recent topic of hallway conversation involved something like, “Who would want to see my knees?” We were not being judgmental. We were all giggling. I think people should be able to wear whatever is comfortable for them to work. Bunny Slippers are one of the few things that are kind of banned at my work. Don’t ask.

Me, I don’t do jeans. My carefully cultivated wardrobe of biz-caz clothing is much more comfortable than jeans! And it is filled with cute little skirts not unlike the one in the pic.

2 Responses to “BizCaz”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I don’t do skirts, although I should. I wear teacher slacks, capris and a variety of blouses. We have jeans day on Wednesdays(college gear day) and Friday (Ram Pride), so that makes choosing my outfits way easier. 🙂

  2. Pooh Says:

    Margaret, “teacher slacks” – i.e. they have POCKETS, and a waistband that’s closer to my actual waist than a plumber’s plumb line!