Just take me outside and shoot me. Or maybe death by pterodactyl would be more appropriate

fools2Oh, okay, it wasn’t that bad a day, although it had its moments. I had a really fun spec review today. There was only one time when the LSCHP boomed out, “No!” but that was an instance where I had not been in the room to ask questions and was led astray by folks who were but didn’t have me around to ask specific questions. This review was friendly and full of positive forward progress, not to mention a lot of laughter.

No photooos of our chitchen reno yet this week? Because no progress has been made yet. A lucky-shuckial issue got resolved today but we are waiting for the countertops to come in. Apparently they are “laser measured” (not sure exactly what that means) and ordered after the cabinets are installed. Sounds like interesting stuff will be happening later in the week and we may not be around to see it because we are traveling to the Yooperland for the weekend. Maybe Mouse will come by and drag all of our bins up the driveway and take photoos of the chitchen if progress has been made by then? (Hint hint, Mouse?)

I was channeling The Commander last night, I guess. I was MacMullan Blindsiding the GG like crazy. I can’t remember what we were talking about but I managed somehow to switch the subject without the GG noticing. The Commander did that constantly in her later years. You would be going along talking about something and all of a sudden, she would be talking about something else and you would be left in the twilight zone. I couldn’t always catch the shift when she was talking to me but I could *always* catch it when she was talking to someone else and I was largely a bystander. Missing that old gal tonight, as well as Radical Betty.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    My progress on my master bath is that the guy finally e-mailed me back. He’s been on a mission trip and just returned and will be back to work. HOWEVER, I still have no bid. Time’s a’ wastin’! Of course once it starts I’ll probably complain my head off. Today started out stressful for me, but got a bit better.