Hey, I’m thinking in five dimensions here. I do not have any words!

bloughIn my particular little corner of the systems analyst world, the job varies greatly from day to day. I might spend a week or two making mindless changes to our very hi-fi prototype, a huge trove of html web pages augmented by some old-skool javascript. Then there are times when it might take me a few days or even weeks (yes) to flowchart or matrix some extremely complicated piece of functionality. Yes, they really pay me for this stuff.

A meeting was scheduled this morning to talk the CRD off the ledge. He had six questions. We hashed out all of them. I believe number five was actually answered via some of the previous questions. This morning was my coffee morning. The morning I meet MMCB and today TBS, who has the week off for Passover, so I was jazzed up on coffee when I got to work. It doesn’t take much coffee to jazz me up and that became a running joke (KW has a coffee high so watch out) throughout the meeting. That wasn’t as funny as W1.5 finding out that he was in the Electric Chair though.

When you get designers and developers and legacy folks into the same room, it often sounds like you are in the Tower of Babel and although I was on my game this morning (coffee, maybe? hmmm…), the Cube Farm hallways reverberated all afternoon with follow-up questions. At one point, I threw up my hands and said something like today’s title. But then somehow, a few minutes later, I had a simple answer. I was mentally exhausted by the last half hour of my day. Fortunately I have some mindless html / javascript coding to do for one of my other prodjects. Exciting or not, it needs to be done and it was a relief to switch to mindless coding for a bit.

And then I came home and I am thinking in five dimensions with this gorgeous new kitchen too. What do I put where? What do I even *want* back in? Pot racks? Dish drainer? Paper towels? Cupboard / drawer organizers? I have some huge drawers here. They are gorgeous but I’m still not sure how I will want to use them. And CKL is coming tomorrow morning to take pictures and collect DreamMaker’s storage bins (and also whatever dollars we still owe) so I need to make sure it isn’t cluttered with dish drainers and lunch bags and things.

I hope you are thinking in fewer than five dimensions tonight, unless that’s the kind of thing that turns you on of course. If so, GO FOR IT! (It does turn me on but I also need downtime.)

Okay, so this was largely a work blahg. Deal with it! [grin]

One Response to “Hey, I’m thinking in five dimensions here. I do not have any words!”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Brain on overload? Can one or both of the kids come home and help you brainstorm how you want the kitchen to be or what each drawer will contain? It helps me to have someone to bounce ideas off of.