Coming soon to a facebook page near you

kwpostholingMy kitchen! Today was the day that CKL and a marketing colleague came over to take photographs. They brought some of their own props but they liked my little chicken and The Commander’s old wooden salt and pepper shakers and my Le Creuset crocks. So we’ll see what lands on DreamMaker’s facebook page, if anything does.

Everybody seems to love the backsplash. I knew they would. The marketing gal was talking about all of the dark colors people are putting in kitchens. That’s okay. It can certainly work. Not in my kitchen. I had to laugh though. Today I showed my kitchen photos to W1.5, who lives in an adjacent neighborhood (his wife and her friend are regulars on my 0-skunk-30 walking route). When I showed him the before pic, he said, “That looks like our kitchen!” When I showed him the after pics, he was amazed at the backsplash. If he and his wife are thinking about renovating, I hope my photos encouraged him because I am sure happy with the result. I still haven’t moved back in. That’ll happen this weekend. Except for whatever I decide to fling.

Weird weird workday today. I telecommuted until 10 AM when CKL came over. I got to work a bit after 11 to find that we were on “half power” or whatever it is. Some people had power in their cubes. Others, including me, did not. Well, not exactly… It’s hard for me to believe that I have FOUR lucky-shuckial outlets in my cube (as do all cubes). There is a power strip attached to ONE of those. The others are UNUSED! It was even odder that I plugged both my phone and my laptop into the power strip and my phone charged but not my laptop. At any rate, my laptop died around 2:40, so I bagged work early. But not all that early because they let us go at 3:00 today anyway for Good Friday.

I knew that the GG was home futzing around with various prodjects and I knew that would drive me nuts so I went shopping (yes, really) on the way home. The traffic was AWFUL! I didn’t buy anything. I was looking at dish-draining racks (SimpleHuman), organizing systems for my huge drawers, and doing some initial research for a new and smaller microwave. Anyone have any experience with late-model microwave brands? I think that my beloved behemoth came from JC Penney but I’m not particularly inclined to shop there at this point (not for any particular reason besides the fact that I hate going to the mall). I need a white countertop model and it’ll be used mostly to heat up small quantities of food (think salad plate) or a cup of something.

Enough is enough so good night!

4 Responses to “Coming soon to a facebook page near you”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I always look on-line for what the latest models are of what I want and then decide where I want to go to get it. (or if I prefer to order it on the internet, although my gadgets are smaller, like cameras) I love your new kitchen; it is light and cheery. I also have white cabinets and light walls; our old house was very dark and I found it depressing.

  2. Pooh Says:

    Since your old one lasted 30 years, I’d check Consumer Reports online to see if that brand is still as reliable.

  3. Jay Says:

    Our 30-year old model looks a bit out of place in our sparkling new kitchen, but I have not been tempted out to the store yet. Let me know what you learn.

  4. kayak woman Says:

    Well, right now we are locked into a typical battle (for us) where the GG does not want to get rid of the old microwave… Also, ours *is* a JC Penney brand. A quick search seems to indicate they now sell other brands. Stay tuned.