Growing beef and visiting Poland

Loooonnnnngg day beginning down at the Farmer’s Market, where we bought lettuce and kimchee and radishes and scallions and whitefish (did you know there’s been a great lakes whitefish shortage this winter?) and, yes, a couple of wee beef sirloin filets. We seem to be gravitating a bit towards buying hunks of protein down there at Monahan’s and Sparrow Market. I guess that’s a good thing but when it gets to be high harvest season, somebody in addition to me is going to have to start schlepping a backpack.


The GG spent the morning installing this spice drawer in the three-inch space between the end of the counter on the north side of the kitchen and the wall.


Spent a good chunk of the afternoon running around to the big box stores chasing after just the right lumber for a new raised garden bed for Mouse’s Garden, then Ace Hardware because it is so much fun, two walks to the Plum Market and, and, and, just when I felt like totally crashing, it was time to head over to Ypsilanti, where the GG channeled Grandroobly by pretend shooting me.


Dinner at Haab’s, then over to the Riverside to watch Mouse play Roseaura in Life is a Dream (that’s a facebook page). Here’s a commercial (it’s a youtube video). As a child, Mouse used to ask for pussywillow bouquets when she acted in plays. Her fuddy-duddy parents had planned to get some at the farmer’s market today but they forgot. Fortunately, big sis was on the ball.


Good night! -Kayak Woman

P. S. Oh yeah, there is a clown of sorts but she is a cute, sparkly little blonde woman who wears a black shirt and pants and a jester hat. No scary makeup [grin].

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Great photos-love them! You have lovely daughters.