American Epotitionary Forces at the Canton Zoo on an impromptu Easter Sunday

aefThere’s a zoo in Canton? Say what? Somebody commented in the Ann Arbor Snooze or somewhere that their wife had made them spend the afternoon at the Canton Zoo. Guess who’s wife made him spend the afternoon an hour or so at the Canton Zoo? If you guessed the GG, you are correct. Did KW buy anything at the Canton Zoo? Noooooo. (Did she get dizzy in the self-serve furniture area? No but only because she looked straight ahead.*) Did the GG buy anything at the Canton Zoo? Yes, he did. Also Lizard Breath, who met up with us at the CZ and then continued homeward with us to the Landfill to see what the heck we did with her childhood chitchen up close and do some laundry.

What’s that? You still don’t know what the Canton Zoo is? Oops. It’s Ikea, of course. I have an iffy relationship with Ikea but I do like to go there once every couple years or so. Even though it makes me dizzy. Grundtal rails were the main thing on my agenda today. I want to hang pots and pans on the wall. I do not do well with cupboard or drawer diving for pots and pans. Do not even talk to me about organizing pot lids. I had a loverly system in the old chitchen but it will not work in the new world. In the end we didn’t buy any Grundtal rails today. We hadn’t really hashed out exactly where they will go. After we got home, I think I got it figured out.

We made our first MESS today! We had a party! NpJane was scheduled to inspect the place so Lizard and I bought a bunch of snacky stuff from the Plum Market. We were quaking in our boots [grin] about this particular inspection but npJane placed her stamp of approval upon it albeit with the recommendation that we install a disco ball and some strobe lights to bring out the “sparkly” in the quartz counters. Why the heck didn’t WE think of that??? She also brought over a bottle of some sparkly stuff and two of the four of us passed out on couches for a couple hours or thereabouts after a glass or so of that. npJane went home to garden aka rake out old dead leaves and things and KW did the same.

The GG asked me if I wanted the American Expotitionary Forces tile in the photo to be incorporated into the backsplash. That was an intriguing idea but in the end, I said no. I don’t want it to have to be carefully extricated some day. I think I want to display it but I will frame it separately or figure another way to mount it. I remember making the picture in this tile or maybe another one billion like it. I don’t remember why there are five fingers on my left hand and two on my right (blue ones at that). I don’t know why there aren’t about eight crossbars on the E in Emily. More is better, right? That thing on my head is NOT a crown, it is a BOW! Can’t you see the two loops (rounded) in the middle and the ribbon ends (more or less rectangular)? Man oh man, I had to explain that to so many people! I found this tile at the bottom of one of the tall skinny built-in dish cupboards in The Commander’s kitchen when we were cleaning out her house after she died. There is an exact copy in Radical Betty’s Grinch’s kitchen, along with tiles her kids and our cousins made. Maybe the Grinchie will give me my tile someday. I’m sure he doesn’t want it [grin].

Impromptu Easter dinner here. I didn’t know who would be here so I bought the smallest ham I could find that might still feed four people, just in case. Lizard plans to stay for dinner. Mouse may stop by after hanging around with fellow cast members. Whatever happens is fine with me. If you want to come home for whatever, that’s great. If you are busy with your own life, no guilt! Love you and please continue to make the world a better place!

* The Commander would never have gotten dizzy at Ikea. She never made it to Ikea but she would’ve loved it! She would’ve swung her cane cudgel up at everything she had questions about, like she did at the grokkery store the last couple years of her life. Uh, moom, please do not hit anyone. Ikea would’ve been fun with that old babe, especially since she grew up not too many miles away from it…

3 Responses to “American Epotitionary Forces at the Canton Zoo on an impromptu Easter Sunday”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I find Ikea overwhelming, but then I’ve only been to the one in Brooklyn, NY. It was CRAZY. I like the tile, but think you made a wise decision. I’m missing my girls today a lot but understanding that they are grown up and living their own lives. *sniff*

  2. Pooh Says:

    Ikea is building a store in St. Louis!! It’s due to open late next year, I believe. We’ve been to the one in Schaumburg, outside of Chicago a few times. I can understand the dizzyness factor, but it would be nice to go there without having a trunk already full of luggage.

  3. jane Says:

    I did spend about an hour in the garden yesterday, after making my completely reasonable observation that you need a disco ball and strobe lights. Which means that the garden doesn’t look much different, but I will be quite sore at the end of today. 😉 With the sparkly counter, disco ball and strobe lights you could host epic raves. And that totally cool spice drawer could be stocked with Red Bull for the event. (Pretending to not be 30 yrs past raving age…. 😉