The seven thirty year itch?

crayfishclawWhenever my grandma had a birthday, zero at the end or not, the whole family (at least those who lived in Sault Ste. Siberia) would take her out to dinner at the Robin’s Nest. We would rent their small banquet room and everyone in the fan-damly would order the same thing: steak sandwich, medium rare. Except for my grandmother’s sister, our rather eccentric great aunt Anna, who got hers well-done (that’s not why she was eccentric!). I am not named after her. I am named after Anne of Green Gables.

Anyway, my accomplice of many years has a significant birthday today (and so does his identical twin, of course). Are we whooping it up big time with umpteen billion family members and friends here on the Planet Ann Arbor? No, we are not! The GG is Lyme Lounging on some island down in Lake Erie. By himself. Without lucky-shucky or showers. The pit toilets are on the beach. He is having fun and that is okay with me.

I had a hard time with life today but it wasn’t because the GG is away on his birthday. It was my own Melon Colly crap. I don’t think that calendar events always deserve planned celebrations. I am all about impromptu parties. And my own significant birthday back in the Polar Vortex we called January ended up being something like four outings with various friends and relatives, including several who are not usually anywhere near where I am on my birthday so that was extra special. I got to interact with people on an individual basis and, for an introvert like me, that was much better than putting everyone in the same room at once. It was myyyyyyyy birthday and that’s what I wanted.

I had a hard time with life today until I went outside! I am a pretty dern upbeat person in general but whenever I feel a bit tweaky aka depressed, a good long walk almost always settles me down a bit. Oh please, please, please don’t remember me when I was a teenager or 20-something. I know some folks do. Alas. Those were hard years… I have moved on… Today I got rid of the blasted Melon Colly crap by going outside. I raked leaves and sticks and later I walked to the Plum Market and then the Haisley woods, where a neighbor and I talked about the wildflowers that are now coming up!

Happy birthday to Twins of Terror, my husband and his beloved brother Bob.

5 Responses to “The seven thirty year itch?”

  1. l4827 Says:

    Happy birthday GG and UU!
    -jp and dp

  2. Sam Says:

    HB to the twin-letter twins!!

  3. Margaret Says:

    Happy Birthday to the Twins! And I felt melancholy today too–it didn’t help to have phone calls with the daughters that weren’t very upbeat.

  4. Pooh Says:

    Maybe we could do a half-birthday for you at whatever is today’s equivalent of Robin’s Nest! Btw, do you have any dates in mind for being up North?

  5. UU Says:

    Thanks Anne. Love ya!