New title: Lions lose again

Well, I am not a football fan and an indoor football stadium is just about the last place you would find me on a brilliant bone-rattlingly cold November Sunday afternoon. The highlight of my day so far was walking over to the Plum Market shortly after it opened this morning and actually spending a little time wandering the aisles instead of my usual mad grab and dash. Beautiful fresh rosemary for goat cheese tarts ala Elizilla (here’s hoping I don’t screw up the crust). Prepared vegetarian dolmades, chips and guacamole, and a couple of salads for people that need after work snacks. A rainbow colored whisk. A whisk that I do *not* need. How many whisks do I have? How much crud, crap, corruption, and cosmic debris do I have in my house? What was I just blathering about yesterday? But it was nice to slow down for once and the sun was shining and nobody was grumpy. Actually I’m going to guess that everybody who might’ve been grumpy was probably still asleep.

So things were going along in a nice quiet Moom-alone kind of way until about mid-afternoon, when a replacement window salesman came up the driveway. I saw him from my window-seat and met him at the door, which seemed to scare him out of his skin. I was off my game and didn’t manage to get a firm “No thank you!!!” in before he started blabbering away, “have you ever thought of replacing those windows?” Folks, we have lived in this ramshackle dump for 24 (count ’em!!) years. Those windows were not new when we moved in and I actually like them. Believe it or not! Maybe someday we will have to replace them. But it has got to be obvious that we are not in any kind of a hurry and, when we do finally get around to replacing those windows, we will NOT be hiring the first door-to-door scammer that comes along. And I don’t believe that all my neighbors are getting replacement windows from you either. In fact, if you are bothering any of my elderly neighbors… Well. Hey, Frooggy? Where’s my flame-thrower?

I do NOT give money to ANYONE who knocks on my door for any reason but the door-to-door types that drive me the craziest are the environmental folks. I almost always agree with their cause. Fervently, even! But they always manage to insult me. Pontificating away about cause du jour as if I were some kind of illiterate door-knob. As I work to get a (“No thank you!!”) word in edgewise, my overloaded brain goes off on a festival of free-association tangents: where was your organization when Ganzhorn stole “my” land and the Wetlands Drainage Canal was built? None of this stuff is logical or coherent and I don’t say it out loud but I probably look a little glazed over, so pretty soon the solicitor at the door (yes, you guys are solicitors) actually looks at me in my stupor and asks *solicitously*, “Do you *know* anything about water conservation (or whatever)?” Um, duh? I have learned to answer, “Yes, I know how to read!” In a pretty darn sarcastic voice. Kee-reist! Who the heck do they think I am anyway. I may live under a blasted rock but my rock has newspapers and magazines and radio and even TV if I feel like turning that dern thing on. And whaddya call those tubes again?

You guys. Door to door sales or solicitations are *not* the way to go these days. How the heck do I know if you are actually selling something legitimate or if you are a serial killer.

If you (like me) are struggling with all of the issues swirling around the bailout of The Big Three, here is an eloquent essay from a better writer than I’ll ever be. I first ran across it last week and since have seen links to it from a few other different little corners of the internet so maybe it’s gone viral. If so, it is a good blog and bravo for giving us something to think about besides a bunch of stupid sound bites.

Click here or on the pic of the GG to see a few more pics from yet another losing Dee-troit Lions game. I say that with whatever affection I can muster for a football team. But with much affection for the city itself.

Good night,
Kayak Woman

4 Responses to “New title: Lions lose again”

  1. Dog Mom Says:

    Answer to your question: “da toobs” or “the intertubes” is what I think I’ve heard (ok, so I made up “da toobs” … gimme a break!).

    As for that link to the eloquent essay about the Big Three, that blogger also has an amazing array of Detroit photos (looks like he’s a pro, and they are prolly part of his CV), showing the former beauty of the D now in disarray, dismemberment, disuse, and – well – neglect and abandonment. So sad to see just how totally bad Detroit’s been managed from all aspects. Some of those photos look like the old neighborhood Jim & I toured one time after a HF appointment, somewheres in the vicinity of the Fox Theatre. Formerly elegant, classy, even, but SO sad to see the former homes falling in on themselves.

  2. isa Says:

    The family on Sweet Juniper used to live in San Francisco… I think they moved to Detroit around the time I moved here.

  3. Old Horsetail Snake Says:

    Why do you seem so surprised that Detroit loses a football game now and then? It’s only a game……heh heh.

  4. kayak woman Says:

    Just to set the record straight, I am not a football fan at all! I could care less. Except that when there’s a Michigan home game, I have to plan my errands around the traffic. The Detroit Lions have been a losing team forever. I don’t follow them at all. The GG goes to a game once a year or thereabouts and I greatly enjoy being home alone. 🙂 🙂 🙂