Kill ’em all ‘n’ let God sort ’em out

Okay, don’t take the title too seriously. I don’t really think that. It was on a t-shirt that the GG obtained sometime back in the dark ages and we put it on Mouse when she was about a year and a half because. Well, because it sorta fit at that time. Mouse grew up and nowadays she would be the last person to kill any kind of living being, except maybe for a mosquito or a biting fly. But I was thinking about this today because there are so many people I don’t understand. This is what I am upset about. [Sorry about all the blinking, flashing ad content. I think the mLive website is horrible too. Have faith and scroll down. It’s worth reading.]

Here’s the synopsis, but read the article because I may not have all of the details straight. An 83-year-old WWII vet has lived in his home way out in the country for umpteen million years. It is an old farmhouse, not one o’ them thar McMansions. His wife is dead, there are no children. A “utility person” with a hard hat and *Illinois* license plates (in Michigan, say what?) approaches him and says he is supposed to run waaaars down to this man’s back meadow and build a generator there. What? They spend some time out there “surveying” the land and the hardhat *#%hole seems to be stalling and then they get back to the house and there’s an unfamiliar crowbar on the table and (hello!) an accomplice appears. Hard Hat kicks the octo down the basement stairs and beats him up for *hours* while Accomplice searches the house for money. Octo states repeatedly that there is no money and eventually Accomplice gives up looking for it so they leave him for dead. Octo isn’t dead though. He actually *walked* to a neighbor’s house and although they didn’t even recognize him at first (because of being beaten up), they eventually called 911.

As the article says, the octogenarian is recovering, after surgery. But kee-reist. The problem is that this stuff is not new. It’s been going on since the beginning of time. People, ESPECIALLY you who are our beloved elders, do NOT open the door unless you absolutely know the person on the other side. If you don’t know that person, do NOT open the door. If they persist, call the blasted police. If someone you aren’t sure about tries to talk to you outside your house, call the blasted police. Please stay safe. We love you.

Oh, that pic? It’s a deadhead that I got on one my few kayak rides at Fin Family Moominbeach this summer. It was too windy for kayaking on most days. And I didn’t notice that, um, gesture until I cropped the pic today. It is certainly appropriate for this entry. Be safe y’all.

One Response to “Kill ’em all ‘n’ let God sort ’em out”

  1. Dog Mom Says:

    I am speechless about the cold-heartedness of some folks. The two men who committed such violence upon this kind-hearted octo are definitely sociopaths and as such should not be allowed to roam amongst Real People.