Warning! I don’t have much!

hickenWill ‘hicken do it for ya? I know, I know, he’s already been all over Instagram and Facebook, so I’m shamelessly recycling content all over the place willy-nilly-shally-shilly. ‘hicken is Head Sentinel of Mouse’s Garden. He keeps Henry and all the raccoons and ‘possums and groundhogs and deer and other little beasties out. I have never seen a deer on my street but I have spotted them only a few blocks away. Fox too. Strutting up the street like nobody’s business. No bares bears though, thank you very much.

I took this photo on Saturday. You can see we don’t have a whole lot of the Color Green going on yet but it increases every day. I was sitting outside having a ‘hattan at the end of a long Work Day. Not the kind of work you get paid for. The temperature was striving to be warm and as long as I was walking or working in the yard, it was warm. Sitting around required a bit of bundling up. Not anywhere near as much bundling up as the Polar Vortex required. Was that all just a dream? Seemed like it would never end and yet here we are. Sunshine and things growing in the woods and in Mouse’s Garden. And rain! Walking three rows of parking from the Ninja to my work this morning, I got totally soaked. It took a couple hours for my hair to dry out after that.

I don’t mind rain. I do not like tornadoes or derechoes (not sure about the plural there — “oes” or just “os”) or freezing rain. Thunderstorms upset me when they interfere with my 0-skunk-30 powerwalk but otherwise I like them all right. There is a word for being happy in the rain (or something like that). I saw it fly by on Twitter once via @oed but for the life of me, I cannot find it now and I can’t remember the definition well enough to google it. Anyone know this word (or what I’m talking about)? I know the feeling. After my old coot died (waaaay back in 2006) we had the sunniest spring ever and I wanted rain so badly. All that sun was somehow overstimulating to me.

Oh well, I am rambling kind of incoherently about mostly nothing so g’night!

One Response to “Warning! I don’t have much!”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Being happy in the rain should be a word I know, since I live in WA. Alas, I might recognize it, but it’s not on the tip of my tongue. We are having 70-80 sunshine this week. That can all change fast, but right now we’re enjoying it!