We got to install microwave ovens

Oh, not tonight. We had a tentative plan for an expotition to investigate some cute retro-looking microwaves tonight. Fortunately someone had the foresight to actually call the store in advance, being that it is 45 minutes south of here or thereabouts. They do not actually *stock* them. You have to order one.

We wanted to get *out* though, so we jumped at the next opportunity that knocked. That involved a 45 minute drive (or thereabouts) *north* to have dinner with the Lord and Lady of Linden. The occasion being the Lady of Linden’s birthday. There are no fewer than seven members of the CFam who have birthdays in the second half of April. Actually there are probably more than seven but I cannot keep track of birthdays any more.

Once upon a time when this boring bunch of random blather was new, I tried my best to give birthday people a shout out. At some point I gave up on that — for a number of reasons. I suppose first and foremost, it was just too much. Between the GG’s huge family and my close-knit extended family of cousins, I couldn’t keep up. What if I forgot someone? Also, I realized that not everyone necessarily *wants* their birthday broadcast on the web. I don’t particularly want *mine* to be recognized in a public way. If I feel like mentioning it, I do. And then there’s the phenomena of our ever-growing contingent of G5 kiddos. Little kids who couldn’t care less who that baggy old kayak woman is and by the way, how the heck does she know it’s my birthday and where’s my present?

Facebook particularly annoys me. The first birthday after I joined facebook, I was disconcerted when people started coming out of the woodwork to wish me a happy birthday. I mean, it was *fine* that they went to the effort to express their sentiments and I appreciated their good wishes. But you and I both know that if facebook didn’t post people’s birthdays, I would not have received all that attention. Then there were all the blasted ads that showed up on the sidebar touting products that a “50-whatever-year-it-was woman” would be interested in. Really, facebook? Insulting as all getout is what I’d call that. Of course, I changed my facebook settings so my birthday is no longer broadcast. I don’t think… I don’t particularly trust facebook but I still use it.

All of this doesn’t mean I don’t ever wish someone a happy birthday via my blahg so, since we spent the evening with a birthday gal, happy birthday to her! And the other four (right?) people at the table who recently celebrated birthdays. It was a fun fun fun evening and I’m glad I made the effort to participate in the festivities, even though it was a “school” night!

I’m taaaarrrred and I’m gonna go rack it up for the night. Seeya tomorrow.

P. S. Look at them yoyos… (That links to a video just in case you are reading this on your phone.)

One Response to “We got to install microwave ovens”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I can’t stand how FB and the internet track where I go and then send me ads. My FB ones are full of lung cancer stuff; you can imagine how much I enjoy that!!