Ravine Latrine

purpleIt was a heavy, rather angst-filled week but to those who care — and I know there are a few of my five readers who actually do care (and I love you) — it was just garden-variety angst. The I-needa-vacation kind of angst. I got a gift this afternoon. I was in the midst of some back-and-forth with one of our developers, a not usually very woman-friendly person, or even human-friendly. I know he knows how to have fun. I have seen him drink a beer or two at company parties and get a wee bit giggly. At work, he doesn’t always show respect for other people’s work or even sometimes their humanity. Is this okay? It could be better but yes, it is. This person is an *expert* at what he does *and* he is rock-bottom honest. If he criticizes something or asks difficult questions, it’s because there is something that needs to be answered. And what the heck, he is a known quantity. I am old enough to be his parent, as are plenty of other folks on our team. He is who he is and we all deal with him as part of our community. Still, when I actually got a smiley back from him this afternoon, I just about high-fived everyone in my Cubeland neighborhood. After almost seven years of working with the CRD, I wonder if I’ve finally arrived. Only until the next episode, I suspect. Business as usual. (I highly doubt he’s reading this.)

It is Friday and we were thinking about heading up to the Group Home for a Work Weekend but it seemed like the weather might suck worse at Houghton Lake than it will here at the Landfill, so we decided to stay down here and have a Work Weekend at the Landfill. Lemme see. Microwave shopping, clean out the crappy old shed, continue to move back into the New Chitchen. Could we actually pull everything outta the bedroom closet and paint it? Oh, probably not this weekend… Clean up the yard. Maybe even some garden shopping… I really want to get rid of the ugly “hedges” in front of the Landfill but I don’t want to disturb the birds… Fun stuff? Farmer’s Market in the morning, Kentucky Derby and then Knight’s for dinner. Water Hill neighborhood music fest on Sunday. We can walk to that!

Of course we walked down to the Oscar Tango tonight. After cocktails, dinner, and porterization, we slogged up the long slope toward home. Fortunately there was no need for UrbanP tonight because it was light out all the way home and there are not enough leaves yet to allow for a private latrine in the ravine by Maryfield Park.

The Farmer’s Market opens at 7 AM tomorrow. Yay! G’night,

P. S. Where are my maple-bacon potato chips? Note to grokkery list…

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Ah, you’ve gotten addicted to those maple-bacon chips! 🙂 I too have had a very angsty and not-always-pleasant week. I’m not glad that you have as well, but it makes me feel not so alone. Thank you for that. Your list of activities make you sound like a real social butterfly, compared to me.