I’ll bet my money on the bobtail nag. Somebody bet on the bay…

We have this new counter between the chitchen and the back room. Here’s Lizard claiming territory there. As I have blahgged before, as a child, she would always sit at the end of the ugly old wooden table while I was cooking dinner. She would be drawing or reading or whatever. I miss those days.


Obviously, we need bar stools, right? We have spent a bit of time shopping around. Everything was Too Fancy! We wanted something a little more like this old metal stool that belonged to the GG’s grandfather or somebody.


We walked down to the farmer’s market this morning and we walked inside to check out the seafood market and there. were. some. bar stools. that. we. both BOTH BOTH went something like, “How about those?” In unison. Kinda like “Deoxyribonucleic acid”, roight? I was photographing and the GG was turning a stool upside down to see if he could figger where to get one and the seafood guys sang out, “Bed Bath and Beyond!” Ooookkaaayyy, we’re on it! (We bought some fish too. Rainbow Trout.)


So we made an expotition out to Bed Bath and Beyond. Our bar stools were not in the store but we did snag a paper towel holder and I managed to buy EXACTLY the right number (10) of spice jars. (These days, I buy my herbs and spices from the self-serve area at the Plum so I had various little baggies cluttering up the kitchen.) We ordered two bar stools online. They will match our existing bar stool perfectly! At least in spirit. If *we* agree on a piece of furniture, it is a sign!

I bet my money on Harry’s Holiday today. I actually bet REAL MONEY (all of four dollars). I didn’t expect Harry’s Holiday to win. I chose Harry’s Holiday because I *have* a Dear Uncle Harry and I see him when we are both on holiday. If I had heard someone say “Uncle Sigh” out loud, I’d’ve placed a bet on that horse too. For my great-uncle Cy, who I think I met once, at my grandfather Mac’s funeral, and he was something like 90 at the time. Anyway, I lost but porterization of the Kentucky Derby here at The Landfill was a lotta fun!


And then there was Knight’s. The neighborhood version, not the fancy new downtown version (at least not tonight). May it live forever.


5 Responses to “I’ll bet my money on the bobtail nag. Somebody bet on the bay…”

  1. elizabeth carter Says:

    II do remember that stool of our dads very fondly, it probably was his dads. He kept in front of his workbench it was a good place to sit if one wished to keep him company for awhile. There was also a wooden handmade stool that could spin completely around, I had it for many years, then gave it to our brother Jim many years ago I’m sure he must still have it. I think you. w ill like you r. new ones.

  2. l4827 Says:

    Betting the race at the window was fun, but watching the race with our friends was more fun. BTW, who was wearing that cute hat?

  3. Margaret Says:

    Be careful! I have a bar counter and it is a repository for lots of clutter. 😉 I love it, but it ends up needing constant organizing. Love the bar stools. I went to the horse races once and enjoyed it but I don’t follow the sport now. (in spite of my love for anything Dick Francis ever wrote!)

  4. Sam Says:

    He bet on Samraat (guess why!), and I bet on Wildcat Red (just got the feeling). Our two bucks made someone else happy!

  5. l4827 Says:


    Our two dollars were on Commanding Curve to place …. literally by chance.

    -someone else