My kind of concert

This afternoon, as we were wearily-in-a-good-sun-fried-way trudging up Miller back to the Landfill, the GG was totting up all the places he and / or we have walked this weekend. I didn’t totally keep track of our mileage. Some of our hikes were familiar enough territory that I know approximately how many miles. Some times I am OCD about keeping track of that stuff. Today I shoved that little bit of OCD over to the shadows, where it belongs if it starts to bug other people. I just WALKED! (That isn’t all we did this weekend. We got a lot of work done too and some shopping (but we still don’t have a microwave).) Anyway… We started this morning with a trip down to hike the Barton Dam area. We’ve hiked there about a billion times and a few years ago, we slodged through snow with a ladder and tools to put up birdhouses. Just a crappy point-and-shoot into the sun photo.


Came home and did yard work and errands and blah-blah-blah and then! Headed on down Miller (on foot) to the 2014 Waterhill Music Fest! This is my kind of concert. The acts? Everything under the sun. Professional and not-so-much — Mrs. Gilhooley’s piano students anyone? The venue? Various people’s front porches or yards or wherever. You walk along through the neighborhood and when you hear music and / or see a big crowd of people, you move in that direction. Here’s a crowd listening to the Ron Brooks Trio, a venerable (and *excellent*) Planet Ann Arbor jazz group. Don’t try to drive through the Waterhill neighborhood during the fest unless you plan on going ultra slow.


You listen to a band for a while and then you move on. Or not. I have never been one who likes to sit and be quiet and polite at a concert (although I have certainly been trained to do that), so this walking concert format works really well for me. The photo below shows the first band we saw — The Fumblin’ Tumbleweeds — and they remain my fave for the day. We were heading up the street where a large crowd had gathered but then I heard somebody singing “Yippy Yi Oh Ky-ay”. Was that on my dad’s old western / cowboy albums? Whatever, we veered off our original destination. I love this band’s music and spirit and presentation and this is absolutely the cutest stage on earth!


And so where do you UrbanP if you are at a walking music festival? Well, if you are at the Waterhill Music Fest, you use a Waterhill Water Closet. People actually open their doors up so that other people can use the bathroom. I have mixed feelings about 1) using some stranger’s water closet and 2) opening up the Blue and Only Bathroom for use by strangers. But people sometimes need to go and, knowing the folks who have opened up their water closets on water hill, I’m sure they have decent facilities that I would use if I needed to. But I didn’t. I made it back up the hill to The Landfill.


Who did we run into at Waterhill? npJane of course! And a few of her friends flew by. Including a very cute baby. We had so much fun but I was so fried by the time we got back up the hill to the Landfill. And then I couldn’t find the damn almonds. The ones I carefully put away yesterday. The GG found them. Why can I not slam cabinet drawers any more? [grin]

Love y’all,

2 Responses to “My kind of concert”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Looks like a very interesting time. I would love that kind of music festival although, like you, I would feel strange using a stranger’s bathroom. 🙂 Still no microwave? What’s the hold up?

  2. Pooh Says:

    If you slam cupboard doors, do the almonds magically fall out? Youth wants to know! 😉