Down Boat

fairylandMy old coot’s birthday is today tomorrow. I always remember The Commander’s birthday, partly because it is a week before mine and also that she shares Richard Nixon’s birthday. (She voted for Nixon but she also voted for Obama.)

My dad’s birthday is tomorrow. I have always sort of remembered it but I for sure remember since my high school buddy The Beautiful Mimi mentioned in a facebook message that she somehow remembered that her birthday was the same as my dad’s. She was (understandably) a bit embarrassed about this but I understood. My brain remember’s weird little bits of trivia like that too.

When I was a one-year-old, the Soo Locks had a centennial anniversary. My dad (and my grandad and everyone else in town who could grow a beard) grew a beard. I was maybe 18 months old and I have very vague memories of my old coot’s beard.

I have been told (and also vaguely remember) I used to regularly demand, “Down Boat!” That meant something like, “Take me down to the LOCKS!

My parents always did drive me down there. And we had picnics in St. Ignace watching the Mackinac Bridge get built. Not a bad childhood by any stretch of the imagination. And here we are after the Polar Vortex Winter with 85 degrees. We have our big whole house fan on and the GG is getting the grill going for surf-and-turf. And he is bugging me to get outside so here I go!

Love y’all,

4 Responses to “Down Boat”

  1. Paulette Says:

    These are such fond memories, KW. I love when you speak of your parents.

  2. Margaret Says:

    Wow–85!! We’ve got our rain back although we’ve had some lovely(and hot days) It sounds like many special birthdays in rapid succession which can be tough. I love locks; we have some in Seattle that we visited when I was young and it was fascinating.

  3. Pooh Says:

    Clinking glasses to the old coot!

  4. jane Says:

    I ended up at Bill’s Beer Garden last night to enjoy an Oberon outdoors with friends. Not surprisingly, it was PACKED! And then some totally yummy buns from San Street over at Mark’s Carts. Happy B-day Jack!