I hate those meeses to peeses

lacetreesYesterday’s post was a lie. That is, my dad was not born on May 8th, he was born on May 9th. Facebook fooled me. It’s complicated and you do not want to know.

Deja vu? If you are a Yooper or a boat nerd, do you follow the Cason Calloway or the Algolake on facebook? Because a month or so ago, the Cason Calloway took nine whole days to traverse Lake Superior and that was with the help of the Ice Breaker Mackinaw. Today the Algolake, which winters in Montreal, posted a video about navigating the ice on Lake Superior. It is now May. I do not think I will be swimming in Gitchee Gumee on Memorial Day weekend this year.

Between mouse and man, this was not a good day for many of the weekend denizens of Houghton Lake, at least not for the female denizens. This particular female HL denizen found herself in full-tilt boogie tear mode partway to work. Say what? She did not know why but she turned *abruptly* into the PNC parking lot and headed back to the Landfill to wash her damn face, aka, I canNOT go to work like this. VERY late to work. Not that anyone cared. Actually the reaction was something like, “something must be wrong for KW to be sooooo late to work.” Wrong? Oh, not that much. But can I just say that I kind of hate the word “awesome” (it is overused) but I work with some of the most awesome people on earth. You guys don’t read this but I love you! By the time I did get to work, I was ready to get to down to business and focus. An unexpected little piece of GOOD news from the outside world then lifted my spirits considerably.

I left at 2:30 today and headed up to Houghton Lake. When I got here, the GG was futzing around down by the seawall with a wheelbarrow and various rakes and things. I snuck inside and made a couple of ‘hattans and took one down to the GG. We eventually met up with the others over at Liz’s Lounge, where we all had fun (and commiserated) for a while and then home. The Beautiful Gay and The Beautiful Becky and The Beautiful Chelsea are strategizing some minor decorating plans and others are watching Pixie and Dixie (that’s a video link).

Good night,
Kayak Woman

P.S. The peepers are out in full force over across the road in the swamp.

5 Responses to “I hate those meeses to peeses”

  1. Margaret Says:

    What was wrong with your face? I live about 7 minutes away from work and wouldn’t turn around for much of anything. 🙂 One of my late brothers was born on May 10th(tomorrow). He would turn 53 tomorrow. He died at 16, so it’s difficult to imagine.

  2. Sam Says:

    The peepers! I miss the peepers!

  3. Pooh Says:

    I read your post about the Old Coot’s birthday yesterday morning, (the 9th), so it made perfect sense to me. Wasn’t Don’s birthday on May 12th?

  4. Paulette Says:

    We have had peepers as well. So nice to hear Spring.

  5. Tonya Says:

    Sorry about your “full-tilt boogie tear mode!” I have been on the brink constantly these past two weeks (this week especially) and I finally lost it last night. I do surprisingly feel better this morning (AKA Saturday), but that’s because it’s Saturday! I need many, many more Saturdays…

    Mmm. ‘Hattans.