Look for me on People of Woldemort

pontoonboatExcept that I am wearing my skirt inside out. Really. It was halfway through the day when Chloe Belle helpfully pointed that fact out. It is a “petal” skirt so go figger how I could possibly be wearing it inside out and not know it. Tags hanging out and everything. The embarrassing thing about all this is that the GG and I took a ’round-the-lake shopping expotition and he didn’t notice it nor did any of the folks in any of the stores we shopped in. I’ll no doubt be featured on the People of Woldemort website sometime soon.

By the way, we were in Woldemort the Twilight Zone no fewer than *three* times today. I don’t mean that we made three individual trips over there from the Group Home, more like we were out and got entangled in a strange Woldemort Web and had to keep returning there. We were looking for a particular “Rev-a-Shelf” product. You know, now that we are experts at kitchen design. The thing is we *bought* one of those thingies a few months ago. We bought it *here* at the Houghton Lake Woldemort. Neither one of us can remember *when* we bought it or why we were out shopping but we *did* buy it and the GG installed it and it *exists*. So why could we not find one again? After our third visit to Woldemort, we gave up. It’s okay, they have them at Lowe’s down on The Planet Ann Arbor. (Or we can order one.)

It is a Work Weekend! Shopping list? Groceries for a feast tonight, assorted household supplies, flowers, toilet seats, I fergit what else. Work? Well. Our Super Cleaner (aka Chloe Belle) cleaned. We vamoosed so she could clean without interference. TBB and I planted flowers. The Courtois Boyz played with their shovels and their rakes and moved the Pontoon Bote into the yard and replaced toilet seats and and and and and I dunno what else. And there is lots of fun talk about some redecorating amongst the sisters-in-law and niece. I say GO FOR IT! But I’m staying out of it. Whatever they do is fine with me. I’m loving not having to make color decisions.

Oh yeah, apparently there is a bare bear in the neighborhood. Beware! Cheers from the Group Home at Houghton Lake!

2 Responses to “Look for me on People of Woldemort”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Wow, that is a pretty petal skirt; I can’t imagine how it would look inside out. I admit to wearing my underwear that way many times and a sweater backwards once. Hey, it happens!! I don’t like bears! I would stay inside with a beer and a book. 🙂

  2. Sam Says:

    Sometime maybe I could go bote-ing? Forgive me; it’s Sat night & I’m musing….