The sons of engineers

engineersI was really reluctant to go to the Group Home @ Houghton Lake this weekend. I am at a space of time in which I feel like I am taking ten steps backward to every two or three forward. I am STILL not moved back into the new chitchen. I am still box-diving. I still do not have a microwave. The pot rails I ordered from Ikea came in the form of DRAPERY HOOKS (!!!) and I cannot for the life of me get Ikea to talk to me. I need to come up with a new solution for storing my cookbook collection. I am behind. I am behind enough that I can’t figure out how to re-a-start. What do I do first?

I went to Houghton Lake *anyway*. Guess what? The weather was beautiful and the company was incomparable, as always. What the heck was I thinking? It was FUN!!! We (aka the sons of engineers) [paid somebody to] put the dock and hoist in and this morning we (aka the sons of engineers) put the Pontoon Bote in and I postponed my departure time a half hour or so just to take a slow ride up and down the shore. Loverly, loverly, loverly. Thanks, Cap’n Jim.

Y’all may or may not know what I think about the [not exactly] greeting card holiday known as Mother’s Day. I think that Every Day is Mother’s Day. In other words, I do not observe it. Except I guess I kind of do. First of all, I always plant pots of impatiens on Mother’s Day. This is something that The Commander did every spring at the Moominbeach and a while back, I figured out that if pots of impatiens could survive a summer on Gitchee Gumee, maybe they might actually survive meeeeee. So I tried it out and, wonder of wonder, they DID survive meeeeee and now that Lizard Breath is back here living in Daytwa, she picks some up for me at the Eastern Market every year and I guess it has become a tradition.

And then there’s the whole laziness factor, aka, it’s Mother’s Day so I have an excuse to take it easy. And so I am. I got home at three this afternoon and I walked over to the Plum Market with visions of shish-kebab in my head. Except for the cutting up of vegetables. So when I spied already skewered veggie kebabs, I snagged them. Also a couple of already skewered Cajun-blackened shrimp kebabs. And some fancy beef filet that I did cut and marinate. I told the woman who bagged my grokkeries that I bought those veggie kebabs because I was lazy and she told me that was okay and I deserved it. So I guess it is okay, roight?

Anyway, it is a beautiful day here on The Planet Ann Arbor and if Mother’s Day gives my beach urchins an excuse to come and visit me (and bake pandowdy), then I guess I am all for it.

One Response to “The sons of engineers”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I agree with you, but still like the excuse to communicate with my kids and to get pampered. 🙂 As you know, they both keep in close touch anyway, so every day is MD,unfortunately that also involves dealing with young adult venting. Beautiful here too!! Unless you are planning a huge event at your house, take your time on the kitchen and put it back the way you want to. You aren’t in a time crunch, are you?