Vestiges of the Polar Vortex

As much as I was thirsting for a long Memorial Day weekend vacay in the Great White North… This morning, I took the compost out and just look at the May Apples that we have in our back yard. Makes it so hard to leave town.


But of course we left *anyway* and here we are at Clyde’s in St. Ignace. It’s not our usual Clyde’s — the one that overlooks the shipping channel — but it’s just as good and it did the job. And I loved the waitress.


We stopped at the Park Store on the way because we had forgotten to tote up some fresh water (we don’t drink the well water until we have run it for a few days). When we got here, we found that the Polar Vortex had left us a nice little note of remembrance.


We took a little trip over to Porterland given that Porterization will hit Birch Point later tonight if it hasn’t already. They have a much bigger snowbank than we do. Our little snowbank is now half the size it was when we got here.

I want to say more but I think I am done for the time being. The GG is chomping at the bit to grill the steaks.

Love y’all,
Kayak Woman

One Response to “Vestiges of the Polar Vortex”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Pretty!! What kind of apples are they? It sounds like a very nice evening. 🙂