Double Valley

snowpileI do not know how to describe today, exactly, except to say that it was a beautiful play day. We drove over to Tahquamenon and met up with Sam and jcb, who drove up from the Green Cabin.

This was the kind of day… When the best thing to do was to go with the flow. That’s what I did. I think that various people (I won’t name them) wanted to do a Death March kind of hike. We didn’t do that. Instead, we did a series of small hikes. In the end, I think we were all happy with that.

This was the kind of day… When we all expected it wouldn’t be very warm. When I got out of the Frog Hopper in the parking lot at the lower falls, I still felt like I might need my polartech jacket. And I did for a while, but I wrapped it around my waist when we took the totally uphill side trail back to the lower falls gift shop.

This was the kind of day… When we got to the brewery and they weren’t serving alcohol yet. Duh, it is Sunday and it was only 11:12. Yes. It was KW’s decision to have an early lunch. And it was okay in the long run…

…because it was damn hot out today and don’tcha know there are no damn leaves on the deciduous trees yet and so hiking was different than it often is at this time of year, so I am a bit more sunburned than I expected to be but at least there were not damn moe-skee-toes and I haven’t encountered a damn tick yet, even though the Twinz of Terror and I hiked at Naomikong on the way home.

A loverly day of various small hikes and lunch with good friends. And an after-dinner putt-putt cruise.

The snowpile in the photo is not the biggest snowpile in Paradise but it is definitely the dirtiest!

One Response to “Double Valley”

  1. Margaret Says:

    That is a very dirty snow pile. In fact, I wasn’t sure what it was until I read your post. It sounds like a lovely day. I’m not very good at going with the flow or being random, but once I’ve been dragged into it, I usually enjoy myself.