Toadily roto (ducking various missiles)

foggywoodsI got hardly any exercise today so why am I feeling so fatigued? (Is that an oxymoron? “Oxymoron” is one of those words that I *think* I know but probably don’t…) I suppose it might have something to do with the mad scramble to clean up the moomincabin and pack all of our crap into the Frog Hopper this morning, then the five hour drive down the I75 SUV Speedway.

When we got up this morning, it was 40-something degrees and foggy, so I dressed appropriately. Were there any freighters out there? I would’ve had to check Marine Traffic to tell you. I do know that I didn’t hear any foghorns. We drove up Chickadee Lane and out of the fog and the temperature rose pretty quickly to the upper 60s or whatever — with a big dip back into the 40s at the Big Mac, which was also fogged in. By the time we got down into the upper lower I think we were in the 70s. We made a stop at Houghton Lake so I could change into something a little cooler (and we could drink a razz-ber-ita down by the lake). Will razz-ber-itas and their cousins become this summer’s “thing”? Probably not with Generation 4, who prefer craft beer and Franhattans — flawed as they are, but the “old” men, aka the Twinz of Terror, seem enamored with them, although they also don’t turn down a Franhattan at cocktail hour.)

Where the heck was I? Oh yeah, left HL with a few more moe-skee-toe bites than before our arrival and then the Speedway from somewhere north of Flint to The Planet Ann Arbor sucked. There’s something to be said for stretching out Memorial Day weekend an extra day or two to avoid the holiday traffic but we had the early stage of rush hour traffic to deal with at the end of our yooperland commute. A different aminal and not a fun one.

I didn’t get much done this afternoon beyond getting unpacked, throwing a couple loads of laundry in, and walking to the Plum Market. Aaaahhhh. I needed that little walk.

Oh, we took a hitchhiker home with us today and no, it is not a goddamn tick! (Knock on wood that we *don’t* have any goddamn tick hitchhikers!) It is someone very very very green, who needed a good road trip to The Planet Ann Arbor with his buddy the Froog. Our hitchhiker will be well taken care of here and he will be able to visit his owner and y’all would probably have died laughing watching Old Baggy take off running BAREFOOT down the road when his owner drove in last night. Git over here buddy! I know you’re hiding but so am I. I love you *anyway*.

The GG grilled three out of the four nights we were at the moomincabin so I am doing *all* of the cooking inside tonight. It’s boring. I mean the menu is boring. Chicken thighs, rice, asparagus, salad. Oh well.


2 Responses to “Toadily roto (ducking various missiles)”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Dinner sounds great to me but the razz-ber-ita (Bud light, ewww) doesn’t interest me. 😉 I think an oxymoron is two words that don’t go together. (alone together, bittersweet, etc.)

  2. UU Says:

    Try one before you turn it down.