Spring Beauty

springbeautyThat’s the name of this cute little spring wildflower up here in the Great White North. There were carpets of these things up at Tahquamenon last weekend. I may be misremembering this but it seems like my BFF wasn’t sure of the name. That was a bit weird since her dad was The Botanist and she knows about a gazillion more things about plants than I do. I kill plants. I have a black thumb. Somehow, after years of encountering Spring Beauty early in the spring in the Great White North and asking people over and over “What is that flower?”, I know the name. Folks have asked me the name too. I didn’t know it then but I do now and I tell people what that blasted wildflower is with confidence! Of course, that only makes people think that I know nature-type stuff. So they ask me stuff that I do not know. Except for what I do know… Is this recursive? I think so. For me to be able to answer a question about a wildflower for a botanist’s daughter, no less…

How far does the apple fall from the tree? I do not know. The Botanist’s daughter is not a botanist but she does have a Phd in archaeology. Not too far off in terms of education at least and she knows a heckuva lot about plants to boot. Me? I follow my dad in a few ways. A banker’s daughter. He was a “slacker” if you want to call him that, a guy who didn’t graduate from college but worked his you-know-what off to be a successful *honest* banker and a greatly-respected citizen to boot. Much more intelligent than he got credit for in his life, if his military records are correct. Me? A slacker. Yes. Music degree that I’ve never done anything with. Successful careers nevertheless. Online banking? Yes. A thing my dad never quite got the hang of, even though it happened well before he died. I caught on to it right away and now I am working in that industry, trying my darndest to make online banking a better experience for all the folks who use it. Not all that far from the tree, am I?

Spring Beauty? Oh my god, I got a phone call from Dreammaker this morning. K and company want to do a professional photo shoot of my beautiful new Landfill Chitchen. Of course, my first reaction is something like, “I have to clean!” The reality is that they will take stuff out of my kitchen that they don’t need and put their own props in there and then put stuff back when they are done. I’m sure that this photo shoot will be posted on their own site to show what you can do with an ugly 70s kitchen. I don’t care. I loved our renovation. There were a few weeks when cooking dinner was a challenge but I expected that and it was much less trouble than I had expected.

4 Responses to “Spring Beauty”

  1. Margaret Says:

    You’ll have to put a link up to the photos of the renovation! The flowers are gorgeous. I used to have a black thumb, but have now realized that everyone thinks I’m a plant guru. (living with Patt for 30+ years rubbed off on me) I love on-line banking. 🙂

  2. jane Says:

    omg – all these years and I never knew I should have been referring to ‘Dr. Sam’?!?!?

  3. Sam Says:

    UR too kind, KW. Huge thanks for the flower ID. I keep looking at my feet and seeing more SBs. And trilliums! (The trout lilies are fading….)

  4. Pooh Says:

    Yep,it’s Spring Beauty. I won’t let Mark mow the back yard until the Spring Beauties have died back. Its Linnaean name is Claytonia virginiana (virginica?). Oak Knoll Park is about three blocks from our house, across Clayton road, in the town of Clayton, and its lawn is carpeted with them. It makes it easier to remember the genus, if not the species name. Okay, I cheated, and looked it up. It is virginica for the species. I guess I was trying to make it too much like the state of Virginia.