You are not using words. You are screaming. And I can’t help you if you do not use words.

Sigh. I got let outta work a wee bit early today (shh) and, after I got home, I walked over to the Plum Market and I was just wandering around having fun and checking things out and I went down this one aisle and a kid in a grokkery cart was screaming and his young, beautiful, patient mom was saying what I wrote in the title. In a quiet, carefully controlled voice. I dunno. I understand what she was doing. But.

Back in the Dark Ages, I tried to do that kind of stuff too. It wasn’t easy and when one of my kids got into meltdown, that’s just where we were. I remember once when Lizard Breath was a baby and I didn’t have Mouse yet, I took Lizard Breath downtown shopping for *hours* one Friday morning. I didn’t work on Fridays in those days and that was the time to shop. After a couple hours of that, we were on our penultimate errand at the bank and a well-meaning grandmotherly type of person asked me what was wrong with my baby. You know, because the little lizard didn’t respond to the grandmotherly-type person’s overtures in a very friendly manner. I explained that we had been shopping all morning and this was our last errand and my baby needed to get home. And, what the heck, so did I!

I had mixed feelings watching that mom deal with her kid today. I mean, she was right in what she said but sometimes kids just get to the point where they have totally maxed out and are out of control and screaming is all they can do. They can’t *use* words. And you are stuck at the grokkery store with your screaming kid because that’s the only time you can get to the blasted store because there’s nobody around to take care of your kid while you slowly cruise the [up-scale] grokkery store aisles. Like I can do now. Or even send my children (when they’re around) out to do it for me.

My Mouse is safely home for Thanksgiving. My Lizard has plans with her friends in her SanFran home. Sometimes I wonder how we all got where we are now from back in the old days.

G’night and Happy Thanksgiving,
KW, who has more than her share to be thankful for (knock on wood)

3 Responses to “You are not using words. You are screaming. And I can’t help you if you do not use words.”

  1. Maquis Says:

    There are no I in team. There are plenty of I in your post. There is a me in team, if you work for it.

  2. Maquis Says:

    OBTW, Luv the picture!

  3. grandmothertrucker Says:

    Christina has 6 teeth now, she is just taking her first steps. By the Xmas Party at Great Aunt Taffy’s House she should be taking off…. almost 1 year old.

    I told her that today. She only knows a few syllables.

    Donna should just be getting her front teeth in now, she will be there too. almost 7 years old. A Green Belt in Karate.

    Hope to see you soon there.

    Happy Thanksgiving.