Still life with trowel

trowelIf you know where ‘hicken is, you can find the new rediscovered trowel.

Quick trowel memory. My buddy Jean (YAG treasurer) barbecuing hot dogs outside STAC during the YAG Summer Theatre Academy using a trowel as a utensil. Why? Because, in true YAG fashion, no one thought to bring grilling utensils. It worked and you can bet that the next year, there were appropriate grilling utensils. And then… We 1) Added veggie hot dogs, 2) Called out in our camp info that our non-veggie hot dogs were *beef* not pork, and 3) Added a disclaimer to our camp info that if your child needed a sandwich substitute on BBQ day, please send him/her with one. I am NOT insensitive to other folks’ food “stuff”. But, fer kee-reist, this was a POPULAR two week day camp in an un-air-conditioned basement building with limited outdoor space. Except for the BBQ, the kids bagged their own lunch. Most kids *loved* it and many returned year after year. Most of the return parents learned to realize that we were running this camp on a shoestring in a less than ideal venue but their kids loved it and the end productions were wonderful. It was best to *try* to go with the flow. The rest of the summer could be filled with soccer camp and music camp and vacations to exotic places and whatever. Theatre camp is messy and sometimes seems unorganized but… I am out of words but sometimes I miss that camp so much.

That was random. What about this? Three baggy old female systems analysts are sitting in a conference room watching paint dry banging our heads against one of the more obtuse pieces of functionality in our labyrinthine online banking product. The projector is on. A spreadsheet is up on the wall. “Cake” flashes on the screen, aka an email notification shows up telling us that Louie-Louii has cake. Cake? Let’s go! Three baggy old female systems analysts stumble over each other (kitchen dancing anyone? Boat!) to get out of the conference room and galumph roly poly pell mell down to Louie-Louii’s cube, where there was this gorgeous made-from-scratch cake. He made it for his manager and she decided to work from home today. We all enjoyed it. Photos were texted. (A piece was saved for L-L’s wonderful manager.)

I think I am done for tonight!

Love y’all,
Kayak Woman

One Response to “Still life with trowel”

  1. Margaret Says:

    What kind of cake was it? 🙂 That is a very artsy shot of the trowel.