Where I am not…

DANGER WILL ROBINSON Scroll carefully here because there is a photo of horse crap down there somewhere. It isn’t all that gross but just sayin’.

I am on The Planet Ann Arbor. I am NOT on Assateague Island. I have been to Assateague Island. I do not remember seeing any horses but I took an absolutely gorgeous walk on the beach there. We were headed to Mouseland and the Florida grandparents one spring and took the slow route down through DC and Chincoteague / Assateague Islands (the beach urchins and I were reading those books together, one independent reader by that time and one soon to follow). Two Mouselands in this case, the one in Orlando and the one where, “When Grandma snaps the trap, she takes the mouse outside”, in then 5-year-old Mouse’s words. Indeed. “Leaves the building” might have been a better phrase.

Anyway, somebody has to pay the rent, so I am slaving away over at the Cube Farm while some others are camping on Assateague Island. “Stay 10 feet away from the horses!” Yes.


I’m pretty sure that the GG will NOT use this as a new profile pic (or even be happy that I posted it) but here he is, taking a power nap in the Lyme Lounge.


One of the other destinations that our travelers visited was The Beautiful Mae’s house in Virginia. Apparently, TBM thought that the GG was her grandfather. He is not but he looks exactly like TBM’s grandfather because they are identical twins. TBM adopted a new aminal from her first cousin once removed (Liz Lamb) and eventually made friends with Frooggy and Green Guy (who are road-tripping with the GG and Lizard Breath and I didn’t even realize that they had left until hours later). I’m glad TBM’S parents allowed her to meet Froggy and Green Guy. They can be Bad Guyz and they *certainly* have bad habits but they also have hearts of gold and they love children.

Okay, so the crap shot is next — you’ve been warned. The GG has parked the Lyme Lounge next to a pile of horse crap. Apparently, every time a horse comes by and needs to crap, he / she craps on that same pile. It doesn’t really fit the situation but here’s a quote from my old coot, a long time ago, quoting I’m not sure who, “Crept into the crypt, crapped, crept back out again.” Whaaaa…


Good night,
Kayak Woman

2 Responses to “Where I am not…”

  1. Margaret Says:

    That is a HUGE pile of crap! Were they Clydesdales or something? 🙂

  2. UU Says:

    Maybe you should ask the UU too before posting any pictures of Bill.