So long and thanks for all the kimchee jars

pigmaskGood morning, here’s a Pig Mask. This artifact was texted to me early one morning while the GG and his entourage were off road-tripping. I can only guess that Froooggy commandeered the GG’s phone and took the pic…

I got a different little wakeup call this morning as I was doing my chores, making my lunch, and removing the more ugly clutter from the Landfill Kitchen in preparation for its photo shoot today. A little plastic grokkery store container of “antipasto” obtained somewhere along the joyride was hanging out in one of the crisper drawers leaking all over hell and gone (disclaimer: I probably put it there). Just what I needed to do this morning, clean the refrigerator. What an oily mess. I threw out what was left of the “antipasto” and wouldn’t you know that was one of the things the GG rummaged for when he got home from work today.

I worked from home until the photo shoot folks came, so I could let them in, then I relocated over to the Cube Farm, so as not to get in their way. They brought their own props but I know that they also use stuff that’s around if it happens to “fit” their vision. It’ll be fun to see whether they used any of my stuff when they post the photos. We had been concerned that they wouldn’t want the Rails of Carefully Curated Clutter in the photos but the marketing director was excited about them. It does actually look like they took stuff off of them though because it isn’t *exactly* how I left it. But that’s okay. One refrigerator magnet was a casualty. It was a clay(?) Kokopelli magnet from The Comm’s house and I broke its counterpart months ago when I was packing up the kitchen. Not a good material for a refrigerator magnet and no loss. They left fresh flowers in one of The Comm’s vases. A good trade.

I had a Commander Flashback this afternoon. The GG had just walked in and somebody somewhere outside started up some sort of lawn-type implement. I couldn’t process the sound at first, either what it was or where it was coming from. A disembodied sound. Flashback to the day my mother moved into her apartment in assisted living. It was a small but gorgeous space at the front of the building looking directly out at the Soo Locks. Freighters passed by literally across the street. She liked the room well enough but I know how hard it was for her to leave her house, not to mention her automobile. Boy oh boy, did she try to fight that one!

Anyway, we were having lunch on her first day there, sitting with Mrs. B, who was one of her best friends back in the day. The GG finished with lunch and went outside to do something with the Frog Hopper. Somebody started up a blender in the kitchen (which was open to the dining room). The Comm asked me, “Is Bill making that noise?” The Commander’s mental capacity was fine but there were some I/O issues and I know she interpreted the blender noise as a disembodied sound. She had known her son-in-law long enough by that time that she knew it was pretty likely that he would be the instigator of whatever unexpected noise she heard.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I/O issues? I hope you’re planning to show us these photos!!