Aminal control

animalcontrolA text message came in: “I just saw you walking to the plum!” And yes I was indeed over at the Plum. Where I forgot to buy tomatoes. How the heck did I forget tomatoes? I *always* have tomatoes around, even in the darkest depths of the Polar Vortex I had [trucked-in] tomatoes. Maybe the locally grown strawberries I didn’t have on my list but bought *anyway* trump the trucked-in heirloom tomatoes?

This brings up some moominbeach memories: finding an occasional wild strawberry or two (and I *mean* one or two) along the road. Blueberries galore (most years), sugar plums serviceberries, raspberries on the island, and wintergreen berries — minty taste. We learned early which berries we could eat and how to distinguish between blueberries and the very very blue but poisonous snakeberries (aka Clintonia). We were taught by our parents, grandparents, and older cousins and we helped teach our younger siblings and cousins in turn. Family.

The text message was from Phedre / Mouse, who stopped by the Landfill to water her gardens and change into her costume for opening night. I told her to break a leg but I am not worried about her performance and I am not going to see it tonight. Probably Saturday night. It has been a coon’s age since I have been nervous about any kind of theatrical performance by Mouse. I will guess that she doesn’t always remember every single word perfectly but she takes her craft* very seriously and, if she makes a mistake, I would not notice it. Anyway, standing on a stage remembering lines is really not what acting is all about. I should be the last to pontificate about what acting is, since I couldn’t act my way out of a paper bag if my life depended upon it, but I believe it is something like actually inhabiting a different person’s body, soul, and story. And so much more…

*Acting is only one of Mouse’s crafts. There are about a zillion others, anything related to fiber arts, gardening, and craft cooking / baking, and I fergit what else. We need scientists and the like but we also need folks like Mouse, who could easily have pursued a science career but chose a creative path instead — not that scientists are not creative! I’m off on a tangent here but I have lost my train of thought so I am going to abandon ship for now. It’s my blahg and I have made the executive decision to end this entry!

Break a leg Phedre / Mouse!

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I could follow your point and totally agree. Our society seems to value those scientific paths more (MONEY), although the artistic paths nurture our soul and make us HAPPY. I live in a berry region but I’m not sure I could identify all those berries. Never had a wintergreen one. We have salmon berries, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, marionberries, logan berries, etc. I picked blueberries in the summer during junior high and high school; I was really good at it and earned enough to buy my first set of contacts and my first stereo. 🙂