robiYeah, that is just about all. I am out of energy and I think it might be best if I rack it up before I get a second wind. Oscar Tango tonight and then the Mayor’s Green Fair, where we ran into a human transformer and all kinds of LED lights and a whole bunch of exhibitors who are basically preaching to the choir as far as I am concerned because I already amd am the Queen of Recycling. And Certified Kitchen Lady and her family. Are we ready to re-do the Blue and Only Bathroom yet? (Yes, it was really okay that she asked us that.) I am ready but I’m not sure the GG is. Every time I go in there and look at the crumbling floor tile and the rusty blue tub and the grout that I have been trying intermittently to clean for the last 30 years, I get really antsy. Let’s just gut this room and replace everything. Maybe we can get one of those self-cleaning terlets too (but probably not). Alas, replacing the Landfill water closet could potentially involve decamping to Weber’s Inn or wherever for a few days. Or just high-tailing it outta town… Hmmm, maybe I could telecommute from the Group Home for the duration? I do not do well with porta-potties (although I do well with outhouses, at least private ones) and I take two showers a day. Well, at least I did today. Not every day.

After walking around the Green Fair for a while, I knew that I would probably have to UrbanP on the way home and I wasn’t sure I could make all the way to my usual UrbanP spot and West Park doesn’t provide a whole lot of opportunity (although I think I have found a new, semi-secret path) so we sorta swung through the Grizzly and used the water closet down in the New Old German, then swung out a different door. It was busy and I don’t think we were noticed. Anyway, the Grizzly is one of our go-to spots and we may eat there tomorrow night.

I guess I should have titled this entry with something about toilets, eh? I am sorry. I am just slammed tonight and I know I am rambling incoherently. Go to bed, KW, you have earned your sleep today and there is plenty of stuff on tap for the weekend. Starting with the farmer’s market bright and early tomorrow morning.

G’night. KW.

One Response to “Ooooof…”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I need to go to our local farmers’ market. I don’t do it enough! I am STILL waiting to have my master bathroom redone. It feels like nothing is getting done around here. I miss Patt.