Seems like I get a photo like this one every year. It’s a greenhouse in the Ann Arbor Open schoolyard, which I pass on my way down to the farmer’s market. I tagged it in facebook (and instagram) as “West Park” for reasons more complicated than I care to go in to right now. Let’s just call it failed political activism.


I walked down to the market alone today. The GG needed another sleep cycle or two. He worked his butt off Friday and gashed his head but good on the Lyme Lounge window to boot. He drove down to meet me and when I found him, he was walking around drinking our fave Roos Roast coffee out of his gun mug (Roos Roast runs a coffee booth at the market among many other things). He bought kimchee and served as my Market Assistant. This actually worked out pretty well all the way around. I didn’t have to worry about buying more stuff than I could carry and, although I enjoy the two-mile uphill trudge home, I have to admit that driving home launched us into the weekend chores a little earlier than usual, like cleaning up this loverly collection of junk in the back yard. Of all things, none of them thar Ann Arbor “liberals” (except yer fav-o-rite blahgger) bugged him about his gun mug.


I was hell bent to clean out the “shed” this weekend. I hate the shed in general. It’s this crappy old metal thing with “sliding” doors that don’t like to, you know, slide and I usually have to use my iPhone flashlight in there to find a snow shovel or whatever it is I’m looking for but I guess that’s not really the shed’s fault. When we bought The Landfill, the previous owner told us that kids used to climb on top of the shed and jump into the woods on their way to school. Until he caught them urbanP-ing off the roof, that is. We’ve never had that problem (that I know of) but the shed tends to collect junk (and rodents (and beeeeees, apparently)) and I wish I could say it gets completely cleaned out every year but I would be lying. In the end, I did absolutely zero percent of the work. Since the GG does not work [for money] on Fridays, yesterday he gashed his head, cleaned up the blood, took a “reading”, decided things were copacetic, then removed everything from the shed. Today, he washed a whole bunch of crapola, got rid of one (out of three) lawn mowers and some other stuff, and put everything else back in. He was like a race car (reference to my job that I won’t go in to) and I decided to stay out of his way. I am afraid to go in the shed now, since there are “carpenter bees” that must *not* be disturbed… Owls in the refrigerator, anyone?

The farmer’s market is in full swing and so I spent a goodly part of my day washing greens…


Specifically, red leaf lettuce, rainbow chard, and beet greens. Also in the photo are garlic scapes (from Mouse’s Garden), a cucumber, French breakfast radishes, and tomatoes. Yes, those are homegrown tomatoes. They are from the farmer’s market, not Mouse’s garden. Yes, it is early for homegrown tomatoes in the Great Lake State. And no, they are not trucked in from Cally-forny or someplace. The farmer’s market has strict rules about the origin of the wares sold there. We have a lot of enterprising farmers around here who use hoop houses and other means(?) to extend the growing season. Not sure how the Polar Vortex affected that but those are decent tomatoes.

I wrote all of the above sitting out in the back yard this afternoon. Just before it was time to leave, a little drama unfolded. A couple of our birdhouses are currently filled with babies and there was a whole lot of chirping and the birdhouses were rocking around and the mama birds were flying in and out of them at great speed. I wasn’t paying much attention because that’s pretty much business as usual at this time of year. But then, one of the mamas flew over to the apple tree and a BIG BIRD flew in from the back of the yard. I sensed it was in attack mode and I managed to scare it away. DEAD SILENCE for about five long minutes. Finally *both* mama birds flew back to their houses in the same instant. Nature is cruel and I suspect this story may not have been at an end.

We drove down and parked on the Old West Side, walked to the Grizzly for dinner, and then walked over to the Carriage House Theatre to watch Mouse play Phedre. We encountered this along the way:


I think that’s all I will write about Phedre for now except that we greatly enjoyed the play and the venue and I always enjoy seeing bits and pieces of my wardrobe on stage, in this case some very Grecian looking earrings. But the whole experience deserves its own post, so I’ll save it for tomorrow or one of those weekdays when its obvious I don’t have a whole lot to say.

Came home to wild flashes of color in the back room, meaning that the ISS was above. All quiet now. Good night!

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  1. Margaret Says:

    This reminds me that I have a lawn mower and a rototiller that I need to get rid of, as well as cleaning out the shed. I don’t know where to start! Glad that you enjoyed the play and that your earrings made it on stage!