Wastin’ away again in razberitaville

kwOne of those days that didn’t exactly go as planned… I needed to make a grokkery run out to the Jackson Road Meijer. I hate using precious weekend time going to Meijer so I wanted to go as early as possible but I got up a half hour later than I wanted to so, after my walk and breakfast and blah blah blah I was feeling off “schedule” and out of sorts (at myself), so I was in the Blue and Only Bathroom getting ready to take off to Meijer, when the GG knocked on the door and asked, “Want to go down to the river?” He wanted to kayak. My first reaction was, “No! I wanna go to Meijer!” but then almost immediately I got a grip! Of COURSE I want to go down to the river! So I grabbed my hat and sunglasses and a ziplock bag for my iPhone and off we went. Other people in various botes (mostly canoes) kept saying what a beautiful day it was and my standard reply was, “Yes! I am so glad someone talked me into coming out here!”

So then. We got home and I did go to Meijer and then I was *starving* and we didn’t have any food (yes I know that doesn’t make any sense, it’s complicated), or so I thought. I said, “I’m going over to the Plum to get something for lunch.” The GG said, “How ’bout if I grill some brats?” Brats? What brats? Leftover brats from the latest Lyme Lounge trip, of course. It’s okay all of you worry warts, they were in the freezer. Okay! We got rid of some food today — brats, buns, and a couple of almost empty containers of ketchup and mustard. I cannot tell you how accomplished that made me feel! And the food was good too! I know. It doesn’t take much.

We had a razberita (or two). I don’t think that razberitas (or even lime-a-ritas) will replace my go-to ‘hattans or cabernet but they do seem to be a theme for this summer and they do give you a bit of a buzz. The GG succumbed to a nap after two (count ’em) mid-day razberitas plus kayaking and a whole bunch of hard labor. I think he deserved that, even though he was wearing a tie-dyed t-shirt and American flag underwear.

I got to cook for more than two (or even four) tonight. It’s been a while. The menu? Eggplant parmesan, pasta with garlic scape and asiago cheese pesto and green salad.

We are chilling now and the beach urchins have gone off to help move an outhouse. I guess the apples don’t fall too far from the tree, do they? Love y’all and may the ISS always be above.

2 Responses to “Wastin’ away again in razberitaville”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Glad you went with the moment and enjoyed the beautiful day. I looked up those razberitas and was appalled by them. 😉 Of course, I am NOT a fruity beer drinker, nor a Bud Light fan. Dinner sounds great, although I’m not a fan of eggplant.

  2. Pooh Says:

    Captain Underpants in tie-dye and a patriotic flag? TMI, TMOTU.